Carson City’s old animal shelter under OSHA scrutiny

City government is about tackle problems at the Carson City Animal Shelter that stem from federal oversight.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is part of the U.S. Labor Department, wants rodents out of the facility and a plan to deal with asbestos in the old structure that was built in times when asbestos was used in construction, according to City Manager Nick Marano and Kevin Ryan, head of the Nevada Humane Society that runs the shelter on a contract basis for the city.

“There’s an issue with the building,” said Ryan, noting there have been rodent problems for years. He also said there is a process to handle mitigation of asbestos if there are such problems, and OSHA wants a plan in 30 days after contact with the city and society. Ryan noted considerations involve what to do regarding the facility given that a new animal services shelter is planned by the city.

On today, the Board of Supervisors will take up issues involving the bidding process with construction of the new shelter slated after those issues are resolved.

Marano, meanwhile, said the rodent problems would be addressed and an expert would be brought in to deal with the asbestos question.

“We’re going to exterminate the mice that had gotten into the building,” he said. He didn’t get into the asbestos issue directly, preferring to await an expert analysis. Both men indicated they didn’t anticipate any threat of the old animal shelter facility’s closure was on the table.


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