Nevada Appeal at 150: July 19, 1962: Virginia and Truckee ‘Revival’ Seen — Tourist Attraction?

July 19, 1962

Virginia and Truckee ‘Revival’ Seen — Tourist Attraction?

Progress was being made on two fronts in efforts to revive as a tourist attraction the famed Virginia and Truckee Railroad between the state capital and Virginia City.

Dr. Linden A. Rushmer of Reno, president of the Nevada Heritage Association, reported:

1. Funding and property acquisition is being furthered in the million-dollar plan to restore the historic 22-mile railroad.

2. First phase of rebuilding will center on the Virginia City-Gold Hill section of the railroad, a 1.8 mile segment.

Leasing of the freight depot and passenger facilities from Mrs. Mildred Murray of Virginia City was announced by Dr. Rushmer at a meeting of the non-profit association, formed to perpetuate the memory of Nevada’s mechanical, chemical and physical builders.

Status of lease arrangements for Carson City terminal facilities is in question. So is the availability of No. 27, last train on the run and currently on display on the outskirts of Carson City.

Acquisition of No. 27 was sought by the association a year ago. State park commission officials at that time declined to relinquish title to the train but agreed to allow for tis use with the provision that the commission be assured of “adequate” restoration of the train. No official steps have been taken to resolve the issue of title to No. 27 and the role of the commission in overseeing restoration.

Dr. Rushmer has set next year as the start of plans to recut the E Street tunnel in Virginia City. He termed this project the only major engineering problem to revival of the road.

He reports that trackage and rolling stock for the line — including No. 27 — have been optioned.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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