Historic B-17 at Carson City Airport

One of just 13 remaining B-17 flying fortress bombers is parked at the Carson City Airport this week as part of a program dedicated to getting kids 8-17 interested in becoming pilots.

The Young Eagle program gives those youths monthly rides around the area in a variety of small planes and gets them involved in building a small plane they can ultimately fly.

In addition, the Experimental Aircraft Association sends a local child and parent chaperone to a week-long aviation summer camp in Oshkosh Wisc., home of the EAA National and the site of a major airshow each July.

EAA is dedicated to supporting and encouraging recreational aviation nationwide.

The B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, is a fully restored flying fortress from World War II that tours the nation to promote EAA’s mission and grow interest in aviation among the young.


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