Letters to the editor for Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trump shouldn’t be running

Here’s my thoughts on a letter printed on March 20 about Trump being a circus clown. I don’t understand why people support him. Are they all mindless like him? He has more confidence in his self, but he has no clue. What an egotistical moron.

Rick Van Alfen was right — the world would be so much worse if he was president. He doesn’t have any kind of solution to anything that is going on in the world. And if he does, it’s so stupid and unrealistic. Like the comment on abortion. That was the dumbest idea.

Well, that goes to show you what a know-it-all he is. And you want this for a president? Instead of focusing on what’s going on, he is busy bashing his fellow candidates and digging up crap on them. This is not what I want in a president. And recently he made a comment on China. Really? Hey, didn’t you know they are not on our side? You can’t trust them and making them mad is not a smart thing to do. We’re already at war with ISIS.

Where are presidents that follow through with the promises? I haven’t seen one yet. They’re all filled with hot air. Where are presidents like Kennedy? Now that was a president.

Ruth Berg

Carson City

Minden resident also weighs in on District 40 race

I applaud P.K. O’Neill’s principled condemnation of recreational marijuana, an issue even some Republicans disagree on.

Too bad Assemblyman O’Neill was just one of the RINO Borg collective in the last legislative session, selling out his Republican principles on tax hikes to reward our overfunded Nevada education bureaucracy.

Let’s help Assembly 40 candidate Al Kramer, a fiscal conservative, defeat Mr. O’Neill and free up his time for more anti-drug advocacy.

We have a similar situation in Douglas County. One county commissioner with an “R” next to his name has larded taxes and debt on the backs of his constituents in service to his friends in the hospitality industry. He’s got a running mate for the commission straight out of O’Neill’s collective who can’t wait to join him at the trough.

Douglas is fortunate to have two real Republican candidates for commissioner, Dave Nelson and Larry Walsh, fiscal hawks with outstanding financial experience who will look for savings in the existing county budget to fund critical infrastructure needs instead of political gold in their voters’ pockets. They want smart economic growth that won’t destroy the rural nature of our county.

Nelson and Walsh deserve your support.

Lynn Muzzy


Great year for golf in Carson City

For all you golfers out there, this should be a great year for golf in Carson City. With three courses to choose from: Eagle Valley, Silver Oak and Empire Ranch there is plenty of variety in the golf experience.

Empire Ranch has seen the biggest improvement with a remodel to the interior of the clubhouse and dining area. The course itself is really looking good this year, also with much improvement. With the onset of warmer weather, the course looks to only get better. Empire Ranch is the most affordable of the three courses and is having its 19th birthday celebration between April 15 and May 3 with golf specials and three different nine-hole sides to choose from.

Silver Oak is probably the gem of Carson City and is always in great shape as its crew does an outstanding job in keeping the course beautiful. The two nines present different challenges with the front nine more hilly and the back nine bringing water into play.

Eagle Valley is a city-owned course. It provides two different style of courses with a flatter east course and a more target-oriented west course.

If you like playing golf, this is promising to be a banner year in Carson City. Enjoy!

David Knighton

Carson City

Thoughts on Lompa Ranch project

Right now, the last of the family-owned ranches in our urban core are going from oases to deserts.

These properties have been down-zoned from Agriculture to SF6000/SF12000, not even one acre.

Not content with that level of profit, the developers are creating PUDs with higher densities and commercial lots.

We, the taxpayers, are spending a lot of money on our downtown to improve it to attract new business.

Please tell me why these developers are being allowed to dilute that effort by luring customers to shop in what would ordinarily be just a housing development?

We are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Seemingly the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

If we want a vibrant downtown core, don’t dilute it before it even has a chance to happen.

Maxine Nietz

Carson City

Dayton man weighs in on Assembly District 40

P.K. O’Neill: Just say no. So you have lived here half your life and this is your state. I’ve lived here all my life; never knew Nevada belonged to you. For once I would like to see a politician represent the will of the people rather than his own agenda. Why don’t you let the people decide? You can always go back to Florida.

Chuck Bonds



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