Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Trump is smart, gutsy enough to be president

Trump should be president. The best reason — money! Trump would be the first president in perhaps 100 years not controlled by the kings men, (big money and lobbyists).

He is the only candidate that doesn’t have a Political Action Committee or a Super PAC behind him. It’s all his cash that’s funding him along with sales of his products.

I want a president who doesn’t have a list of people and organizations that he owes favors to for getting him elected. Secondly; he gives straight answers. No vacillating and no fudging. He tells it like it is and doesn’t worry about political correctness. That’s a nice change. Third; if Trump were president do you think Iran would have held our 10 Navy personnel for a few days or would be launching missiles near our ships? Do you think North Korea would be testing long-range missiles, submarine based missiles and nuclear weapons? Would ISIS exist? I would think ‘no’ to all of those and a number of other similar questions.

Trump is a businessman, not a lawyer or politician. In the business world if something isn’t functioning or is doing badly, we fix it or get rid of it. In government we just continue to throw taxpayers’ money at it.

Trump is smart and he’s got guts. Something we have lacked in the White House for quite some time. Trump filed the largest FEC report in history, more than 100 pages. He’s worth $10 billion. You get there with brains, talent and negotiating.

Bill Fullilove

Carson City

P.K. O’Neill failed to keep promise

Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill signed the Taxpayer’s Pledge prior to his election in November 2014. He knew the citizens of Nevada had defeated Proposition 3 (margins tax hike) by an overwhelming majority.

He also knew that Nevada State Controller Ron Knecht had submitted a budget that would meet the various school needs, etc. without a burdensome tax on our businesses he claims in his rebuttal to the Carson City Republican Party (CCRP) that he was protecting when he voted for Governor Sandoval’s $1.2 billion tax.

I submit that re-electing P. K. O’Neill to the Nevada Assembly in November 2016 will be tacit approval of his dishonorable lying and breaking his pledge not to vote for a tax hike. I for one am tired of voting for Republicans who make promises and fail to keep them.

Kathleen Sliter


Downtown project is more than aesthetics

Ms. Schrynemakers’ April 23 letter could not be more ill-informed. Here are some pesky facts she chose to ignore:

1.) Seventy percent of the total expenditures of the downtown project, currently underway, are for vital infrastructure improvements that are failing, and run right down the middle of Carson Street, under the medians. This “vanity project” was crucial to keep the water running.

2.) The downtown portion of the corridor improvements are just the first phase of comprehensive, necessary, major infrastructure improvements you will see happen later on North and South Carson Streets as well as Highway 50 East. How vain is that ... we want the pipes to work all over town!

3.) The Ormsby House is private property. Its permits are current and in order. You have no more right to tell those property owners what to do with their property than they have to tell you what to do with yours. What exactly do you want the Board to do — force it to open?

Carson City citizens would be wise to remember that Supervisor Jim Shirk voted against these vital improvements, as well as against the new, sorely needed animal shelter, and the MAC, and against the vital water/sewer improvements at our wastewater treatment plant. How he thought our toilets would keep flushing is truly a mystery. Vote for John Barrette. He understands that one of our city leaders’ highest priorities is to keep the utilities working.

Andie Wilson

Carson City

Nevada Builders Alliance election endorsements

As part of the Nevada Builders ongoing effort to educate and inform its members, communities and policy makers on the benefits, challenges and goals of the construction industry, the Nevada Builders Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following endorsements.

We are poised for tremendous opportunity in this region and the need for true leadership from our elected officials has never been greater. The Nevada Builders and construction industry as a whole stand ready to make this region and state a better place to live, work and play.

Mayor: Robert Crowell: Mayor Crowell is just amazing, his leadership and thoughtful deliberation have made Carson City a much better place. With his guidance Carson has become an example of efficiency and opportunity. We look forward to continuing our work with the Mayor on issues affecting this growing community.

Ward 2: Brad Bonkowski: Supervisor Bonkowski has proven himself a strong advocate for the business community, his professional understanding of complex issues has proven invaluable. Brad’s commitment to economic development is making a difference and his integrity is much appreciated. We will continue to work with Supervisor Bonkowski on those issues affecting the region.

Ward 5: John Barrette: Mr. Barrette brings a great perspective to this position. Through his previous employment he had a front row seat to every issue facing the community, while contemplating the actions of the decision makers. John is a welcome breath of fresh air, I’m looking forward to his positive and thoughtful input on all issue.

Aaron West

Nevada Builders Alliance

P.K. O’Neill’s message to Republican Party is respectable

My congratulations to Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill for his dignified and courageous message to the Carson City Republican Party rebutting its denunciation of him for having joined with Governor Sandoval, and the majority of fellow Republican lawmakers, to help ensure the state educational system will meet economic challenges in the future for the benefit of all Nevadans.

The fluency with which O’Neill defended his decision reminded me of another Nevada Republican lawmaker, Senator Bill Raggio, who was censured by the party for not supporting its inflexible political positions and narrow approach to solving the broad and complex issues facing the state — choosing, instead, to continue objectively vetting information and making informed decisions.

During my years researching and writing Senator Raggio’s biography, A Man of His Word, I learned the majority of our elected officials have been hardworking and dedicated Nevadans, who sacrifice an enormous amount of largely uncompensated time away from their families and professions to serve the public. As such, I’m appalled by the blanket cynicism toward politics from some citizens who appear to have little interest in understanding how the process actually works.

A year before he died, and 38 years after coming to the state Senate, Bill Raggio said: “I was elected not just to serve Republican constituents, but in the best interest of all the people of Nevada.”

He would have been proud of the effort being made by the governor and so many state legislators to restore that spirit of cooperation, respect and decency of purpose.

Michael Archer



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