View from the Past

100 Years Ago

One of C.L. Benadum’s men with a team had left Sand Springs on Wednesday of last week, but did not reach Frenchey’s before evening. It was evident he had lost his way in the snow storm. The men at Frenchey’s said they could not rest, knowing the man might be perishing in the storm. The first two found the man. His wagon was turned around in the opposite direction. He had unhitched and tied the horses to the wagon and rolled up in his blankets. However, he was numb with cold. It is a wonder Mr. Benadum has succeeded so well in getting mails through. Broken axles and other auto accidents have been frequent, until machines were abandoned and wagons and sleds substituted. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 5, 1916

The large prehistoric lake which flooded a number of the valleys of northwestern Nevada at a very recent geological date but has now passed away was named Lake Lahontan, in honor of Baron La Hontan, one of the early explorers of the Mississippi. The lake covered approximately 8,400 square miles and in its deepest part, the present site of Pyramid Lake, was 880 feet deep. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 5, 1916

The most important item this week is the Ladies’ Leap Year dance to be held tonight at the schoolhouse. Gents! Don’t forget those cakes! Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 5, 1916

75 Years Ago

John MacCormick is the quiet-voiced, dignified young man who announces the numbers each Sunday afternoon on Columbia network’s “Design for Happiness” – hearing him, or even seeing him, you’d never suspect that he was once a speed demon. At age 17 he designed and built a race car that would hit better than 100 miles an hour. He also began studying aviation and now holds a full transport pilot’s license. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 1, 1941

50 Years Ago

Safeway to Open New Store. New services

Japanese Student Seeks Job…Dear Mayor of Fallon City, Jack N. Tedford, I am very glad to have received your letter. I should like to learn and understand English conversation and climate. I think that living for a short time in America is the best way in order to understand them. But, as a student, I have not much money enough to live in America. So, I must look for my place of work. Then I am very glad if my looking for the place of work will be introduced by your city’s newspaper. I look forward eagerly to your letter. Goodby, Nobuo Sugiuro, Kanazawa (City) Japan Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, February 4, 1966

Jack and Peggy Norris’ Snowboy won 1965 High Point Appaloosa Stallion at Halter and 1965 High Point Appaloosa Performance Horse, awards presented at Leno’s Dinner House. Snowboy competed at the World’s Champion Appaloosa Performance Horse Show in Scottsdale, Arizona, against the cream of the Appaloosa nation. Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, February 4, 1966

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, museum assistant.


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