Nevada Controller Ron Knecht endorses John Kasich

Nevada State Controller Ron Knecht said Wednesday he is endorsing Gov. John Kasich for President.

Kasich’s staff released the statement saying Knecht was joining Kasich for America’s Nevada Leadership Team.

“I know firsthand what it takes to balance a budget and keep a small business going. In order to create jobs and drive growth, Americans need a leader who will work with them, not against them, by lowering taxes, cutting regulations and removing other major barriers to success,” Knecht said. “Gov. John Kasich has left his mark on Washington and on Ohio as a budget balancer and a friend to job creators. With our primary election around the corner, I’m proud to support the most qualified, most presidential candidate in the race.”

Knecht, who became Controller in 2015, is an entrepreneur and longtime public servant with more than four decades of experience in economics, law, public policy analysis and engineering.

Former Nevada Treasurer Bob Seale also endorsed Kasich and joined his team.

“It’s an honor to receive the endorsement of two of Nevada’s most dedicated public servants,” Kasich said. “Ron Knecht and Bob Seale bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our campaign operation that will help our team expand and reach more voters prior to the primary election.”

The 2016 Republican caucuses are Tuesday.


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