Peri & Sons Farms achieves sustainable certification

Jessica Peri inspects bins of reds as they cure in temp-controlled storage sheds.

Jessica Peri inspects bins of reds as they cure in temp-controlled storage sheds.

After years of hard work, planning and preparation, Peri & Sons Farms in Yerington announced it has recently become the first domestic, onion farming operation to achieve the Sustainably Grown certification from SCS Global Services (SCS). The certification also extends to the company’s entire USDA Organic certified vegetable farming operation.

The certification was issued by SCS in accordance with the producer requirements of its Sustainably Grown standard, which meets some of the world’s highest environmental, social and economic criteria. Achieving the certification through a stringent third-party audit requires an unwavering, company-wide commitment to the mission.

Pamela Peri, executive vice president at Peri & Sons Farms, describes the experience. “Undergoing this level of commitment to sustainability forced us to scrutinize and evaluate every aspect of both operations―from office to fields to packing sheds. We firmly believe that the overall benefits to our employees, our community and our customers will be well worth the investment in the long run.”

SCS’ Founder and CEO, Dr. Stanley Rhodes, also weighs in on the recent news.

“We congratulate Peri & Sons Farms for this significant accomplishment. Achieving the Sustainably Grown certification is by no means an easy task,” he said. “This standard is based on comprehensive, science-based criteria aimed at minimizing environmental impacts and providing a safe and healthy work environment. By achieving certification, Peri & Sons Farms demonstrates that it has the processes and management systems in place to grow its products in a sustainable manner.”

At its organic operation, Nevada Fresh Pak, the company grows and ships certified leafy greens and a diverse array of vegetables. The greens are shipped under well-known prepackaged salad brands as well as Peri & Sons Farms’ own “Nevada Fresh Pak” label as part of the company’s Locally-Grown Organics program.

Upon receiving notice of the certification, Sara Brinkley, director of food safety and organic certification at Peri & Sons, commented on the recognition,

“We are thrilled that the years of hard work and dedication have brought us to this point,” she said. “Achieving SCS Global Services’ Sustainably Grown certification―is one of the most rigorous, voluntary agricultural certifications offered―and it is just the beginning. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to upholding the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility, worker protection, and product integrity in the years ahead.”

The farm’s earth-friendly philosophy and land stewardship spans back three generations. Even in the early days of establishing Peri & Sons Farms, before sustainability was a topical issue, David Peri understood that the livelihood of the business, and of those who depended on its success, was directly tied to the health and well-being of the environment.

Teri Gibson, director of marketing and customer relations at Peri & Sons, sees this as another good chapter in an already great story. “As a company we are all about being proactive and transparent. It’s just part of our company culture to blaze trails rather than wait for industry mandates. We think that sustainability is becoming an important differentiator in the marketplace and we believe it adds significant value to our brand.”


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