Letters to the editor for Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016

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An appeal to Judge Wilson

Judge Wilson, I understand that the “ball is in your court” on the school voucher issue and that some folks are saying that the State Constitution does not allow for distribution of “public” funds for private education.

My immediate thought is that these funds were very recently in the hands of private citizens, including those parents who would take to heart the directive to be responsible for their children’s wellbeing, to include education. How hard is it to recognize the so recently private funds are being withheld from those who so recently held these funds in their hands?

Give us the freedom to choose. You are pro-choice, correct?

Very sincerely yours,

John Wood

Carson City

Radical Islam must be destroyed

Radical Muslims believe in a faction of Islam dating back to the 7th Century. They believe in Sharia law. This form of Islam seeks to destroy other cultures. The goal of radical Islam is world domination (sound familiar?).

To take in 500 refugees in Carson City without any reliable background check is dangerous. Can Carson provide health services, education, welfare and security for these refugees?

What is happening in Germany as a result of Angela Merkel’s taking in one million Muslim refugees is horrific. Her blind-sided compassion has enabled 1,000 young “Arab-looking” men to sexually assault and rob women on New Year’s Eve. In the mind of a radical Muslim, these women were fair game because Sharia law does not permit women out unaccompanied by a male. These acts are happening throughout Europe.

Our president wants to bring 10,000 refugees to the U.S., reportedly 70 percent of which are young Muslim males between the ages of 18-40 without children. There is no way to know which ones have been radicalized.

Radical Muslims believe they have a calling from Allah to kill infidels. ISIS and others have said, “American blood tastes best.” Their form of punishment for non-believers is crucifixion, beheadings and other horrendous means. It is foolish to believe if we only treat them with kindness they will change their thinking.

Because of the weakness of our president, radical groups are growing and infiltrating our country. Radical Islam must be destroyed, not contained, or America and Europe as we know them will no longer exist. God help us.

Arlene M. Larsen

Carson City

Account set up to help Carson woman

Carson City recently lost a long time resident and devoted child advocate, Dorothea “Dot” Doyle. Dot was planning to retire at the end of the school year from teaching at Mark Twain Elementary School, but she could not finish the last month, as she was diagnosed and operated on for brain cancer.

Like Mark Twain, Dot wanted to retire in Connecticut where her daughter, Colleen Doyle-Munoz, lives. Due to her condition, she moved to Cape Coral, Fla., where she is now with her sister, Jeanette, a retired nurse.

Dot had a passion for working with Carson’s kids. She lived in Carson City since 1980. She was a Nevada resident since 1976. She was a teacher’s aide at Seeliger in special education, then she was the first librarian at Mark Twain Elementary when the school opened. She then taught for 15 years.

She earned a nursing degree from WNCC in 1980 and worked at Eagle Valley Children’s Home with disabled children. She was the pediatric nurse for long time Carson physician Dr. Joe Toth. She was also a hockey referee for kids.

When asked how she likes the warm weather in Florida, Dot said she misses Carson City. We miss her also. Dot was not old enough for Medicare and though she had insurance, the bills still continue after numerous hospital stays. To help Dot and make a donation, please make a check out to the Dorothea Doyle donation fund and drop it at any Wells Fargo branch, or mail it to Colleen Doyle-Munoz, 30 Marjorie Lane, Manchester, CT 06042, Attn.: Dot Fund. She is also keeping a registry and relaying messages via her email, colleen.doyle.munoz@gmail.com.

Michael Doyle

Carson City

Open letter to Public Utilities Commission

Many of us are asking you to reconsider the decision made to increase the fees paid by individuals to Nevada Energy by individuals who invested in solar panels for their homes in Northern Nevada. The base service charge is scheduled to rise from $15.25 to $21.09 per month ... well over 40 percent in one year.

This decision also will make it harder for them to sell back the energy they create beyond their personal needs. We must care for our earth, and this decision discourages people from investing in this clean energy source for their homes. This decision is also a breach of trust, promoting one set of fees at the time of purchase and raising those fees so dramatically afterwards.

We hope you will change your decision for the integrity of Nevada Energy and for the future of our planet.


Midge Breeden

Carson City

U.S. is doomed if it accepts refugees

Since I emigrated from Austria, I know firsthand what it’s like to go through the process. I wanted to become an American citizen, obey the law and live the American life. I had to study American history, know how to read and write English. I had to have a sponsor and a job secured so I wouldn’t become a burden to society. And that’s the way immigration should be.

Now look at Europe, especially Germany and Austria who took in “Syrian refugees” by the thousands. Also the Nordic countries are overwhelmed and have closed their borders. The pharmacies need armed guards with dogs outside, and so do the hospitals. These refugees bring diseases the West has never heard of, and the refugees expect everything for free. They steal from the stores and their crimes escalate.

If the USA lets these people come in, the U.S. is doomed to the same fate as Europe. These “refugees” don’t integrate with the western world. They don’t speak the language; there are no jobs here for them. We have too many homeless people as it is.

Our government has already spent $1 billion on refugees. It would have been better to build barracks in Syria in a safe zone for them and after the war is over they are right there and can rebuild their country. Or give Jordan, which is willing to take in more of its neighbors, money. There they would fit in, not in U.S. communities.

Think what happened in San Bernardino. That could happen here, too.

Renate McFarland



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