Letter to the editor for Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trump is refreshing

Americans want the facts about Benghazi, not political posturing!

Fact: Although Donald Trump was not involved, the “Minority Report” mentions him 23 times! A political cover-up!

Fact: The attack on the American compound was obviously pre planned, and not the result of a “video.”

Fact: Instead of sending a rescue team, the politicians squabbled over the narrative while our Ambassador and a brave team were overrun and killed.

Fact: The politicians making the decisions were incompetent!

Fact: Hillary Clinton lied about the video!

Americans are tired of politicians and political squabbles! And, like the Brits, we’re tired of politicians lying to us and unelected bureaucrats controlling our lives!

Trump is refreshing! He marches to his own drum — and it’s an American drum — and the working Americans want him to clean out this mess in Washington, D.C., and make America great again!

It’s time to fire the elites of both parties and put America first!

John Vettel

Carson City


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