Linda Buchanan: Catmandu in Carson City reopening its doors Friday

Thanks to those who came forward and helped, the “Closed” sign has been taken down, and Catmandu is reopening in a limited capacity on Friday, June 3.

Because of the 100-plus people who made donations large and small, as well as everyone who offered encouragement and support Northern Nevada’s only cage-free facility for cats will continue helping the cats and kittens of Carson City, Douglas, Storey, and Lyon counties, at least for now.

Although we raised enough money to keep us going for the next 2-3 months, we’re still short on volunteers and also need to secure a steady monthly income through sponsorships, recurring donations, fundraising, grants, etc. If we don’t, we are going to be in the same leaky boat by summer’s end.

Consequently, we’re reopening with limitations. Starting June 3, Catmandu will only be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will be happily adopting kitties, giving tours, and providing information during those three days each weekend.

We also are limiting the number of cats and kittens we’re going to help at any given time to a number that’s reasonable for the volunteers and cash available. That will unfortunately mean turning away kitties we would have previously found a way to help somehow.

In the past, we have simply worked longer and harder to make up for the shortfalls. While it worked for more than two years, we finally reached our absolute physical and financial limits and can no longer do more with less. Hopefully, with the community’s support, we will acquire the volunteers and steady donations needed to begin doing more once again.

What will happen to Catmandu when the new NHS shelter opens this fall remains to be seen. While the new shelter will dramatically increase the number of cats from Carson City that can be housed, it won’t be cage-free and won’t accept kitties from outside the city limits. Feedback from the community during this crisis makes us hopeful our alternative method of dealing with homeless cats will be supported by individuals and businesses and we can continue to provide a group home, cage-free facility for kitties in Northern Nevada.

Thank you to everyone who rallied around Catmandu and offered support during this difficult time. Your donations and encouragement have given us a desperately needed short-term boost. Please help us stay open for the long-term by volunteering and/or signing up for a recurring monthly donation via PayPal or through bill pay at your personal bank.

Thank you so much for caring about and helping the kitties!

Linda Buchanan is the founder and executive director of Catmandu, a cat adoption center at 1829 Brown St., Carson City. Reach Catmandu at 775-297-3419.


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