Past Pages for Sunday, June 5, 2016

150 years ago

A crazy woman at large: Yesterday afternoon a woman suffering from a state of insanity came into town on an ox wagon from the direction of Lake Bigler (Tahoe), and after disturbing the nerves of some of our citizens and their wives by intruding unasked into their houses, she was arrested by Sheriff Smith and locked up. She made such a rumpus in jail that the sheriff released her, but found it necessary to confine her again. Poor woman should be taken care of.

130 years ago

The Austin Reveille has the following: W.M. Stewart, a prominent Republican candidate for United States Senator, has a plan for enlarging the State of Nevada to gain a Congressman, but also give us high standing in the galaxy of stars. Under the plan Washington would get the Idaho panhandle, add the rest of Idaho to Nevada and half of Utah up to Salt Lake City to settle the Mormon question.

100 years ago

Given a floater: Mike Larkin, a one-armed hobo, was arrested last evening for being drunk and begging on the street. He was given a floater this morning.

70 years ago

Fanned by strong winds, two fires broke out here late yesterday afternoon, and the bigger of the two for a time threatened an entire city block. The first, which reportedly started in a trash box in the alley in back of Muller’s Drug Store, was brought under control an hour later by members of the Warren Engine company No. 1. Fire Chief George Meyers said today that it was the biggest and most threatening fire this year. The second fire was at the Indian colony and burned an acre of land.

50 years ago

A governor’s committee took under study today a suggested blueprint for creating a Nevada Corrections Department. Besides consolidating the state’s crime-fighting agencies, other suggestions were the creating of a separate institution for young offenders, replacing the elective prison board, organizing a full-fledged work program at the state prison and placing the position of prison warden under Civil Service.

30 years ago

The recovery of the body of a woman who is presumed to be the 20th victim of the nation’s worst bus accident in nearly six years will have to wait until a raging mountain stream subsides, officials say. Another 21 people were injured when the bus, returning from a Santa Monica retirement home, flipped off U.S. 395 and landed upright in the Walker River.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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