Carson City hosts return of official Nevada State Fair

City, state and fair dignitaries cut the ribbon signigfying the opening of the Nevada State Fair Thursday in Mills Park.

City, state and fair dignitaries cut the ribbon signigfying the opening of the Nevada State Fair Thursday in Mills Park.

The official Nevada State Fair is back after a six year absence.

The State Fair, which ran for 136 years before its closing, was disbanded when the Nevada State Fair Association went bankrupt. But it’s back again, hosted for the first time in Carson City in Mills Park to celebrate Nevada and its residents.

“We are so happy to bring the fair back this year and thrilled to be here in Mills Park and Carson City,” said Bob Robinson, executive director for the Nevada State Fair. The Association brought the fair back to Nevada because it felt like it was a necessary attraction for the residents.

“The group felt it was a huge loss not to have the state fair and we felt it should be brought back and be a fixture for Nevada,” Robinson said.

To officially kick off the fair weekend, the Association held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon.

“As a local from Carson City I want to welcome all who came, it is a great day in Nevada,” said Ron Knecht, Nevada State controller. “Let’s have a great Nevada weekend, let’s celebrate, let’s have a ball.”

Several dignitaries were present at the ceremony, including Mayor Bob Crowell, Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and several state Legislators.

“This is what Carson City is all about,” Crowell said. “So enjoy yourselves and be safe!”

The ceremony only ran into one mishap; the ceremonial ribbon refused to be cut by the scissors. Crowell and Cegavske took several attempts to cut it with the scissors without success.

“That’s it, this year’s fair is canceled,” Knecht joked.

Knecht eventually got the ribbon cut after resorting to using a pocket knife to saw through the ribbons.

Nevada Assemblyman P.K O’Neill presented a proclamation to the fair coordinators marking June 9 as the Nevada State Fair day. “All citizens are urged to participate in the Nevada State Fair,” O’Neill said. “And I have always wanted to say this: Let the fun begin!”

The fair runs through Sunday in Mills Park. The fair will also feature the Rendezvous Civil War re-enactment, vendors, midway rides, musical performances and a car show. Admission is free.


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