USNS Carson City’s acceptance trials completion celebrated

In honor of the Navy’s acceptance of the USNS Carson City, Susan Crowell, ship’s sponsor, and Carolyn Southard, ship’s matron of honor, in cooperation with the Navy League of the United States Carson City Council, presented Gov. Brian Sandoval and the state of Nevada with the official artist’s rendering of the Carson City done by Navy artist Peter K. Hsu.

The Carson City completed acceptance trials in the Gulf of Mexico this week. The Carson City will be formally turned over to the U.S. Navy on June 24.

“Governor Sandoval is a strong supporter of our military and our veterans,” Crowell said. “We were proud to present him with the official artist’s rendering of the USNS Carson City.

Also in attendance representing the Navy League were Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell, retired Navy captain; Clarence “Bud” Southard, Carson City league president and a Nevada Veteran of the Month; Eric Moormann, retired Navy lieutenant commander and Donna Brand, retired Navy commander.

Sandoval said the rendering and coins will be a treasured addition to the military artifacts he has collected over the years.

“I’m really humbled to get this and I think it’s beautiful,” he said. “I hope you know I am as proud as you are Mayor Crowell, to have the ship named after Carson City, as well as all the time and commitment required to make it happen.”

Southard presented the official ship’s bell that will be installed on the Carson City for inspection by the Governor, who related the story of the bell from the USS Nevada, the only ship in Pearl Harbor to get underway during the attack in 1941. The ship’s wheel from the USS Nevada is now on display in Sandoval’s office.

“Charles Sehe, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, lost the six buddies he ate breakfast with every morning after they heard that bell,” Sandoval said. “When we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the USS Nevada, Charles Sehe rang that bell six times in their memory.”

Sandoval said he was honored to see the bell before it goes out to the USNS Carson City.


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