Past Pages for Friday, June 17, 2016

150 years ago

Chief Sam in Carson. We noticed an Indian on Carson Street yesterday rigged out in a motley suit of military together, and upon inquiry, found him to be the renowned Chief Sam Brown of the Paiutes. We approached His Majesty and entered into conversation with him, the ceremonies of introduction being waved. He is a man of about thirty years of age, we should judge.

130 years ago

Grizzly Dan. Grizzly Dan, who has been lying around town drunk for several days, was fined $15 by Justice Gaige yesterday. Dan got his name from being the only man at the lake who had never seen a grizzly. He is now doing landscape gardening on the street.

100 years ago

Why borrow your neighbor’s Appeal? Subscribe and read your own. When you have read it send it to some one in the east and let them see how prosperous Western Nevada is.

70 years ago

Irked somewhat by the lack of sportsmanship shown by a visiting Reno team yesterday when they refused to accept the customary hospitality luncheon after being beaten 5-2 by the Outlaws, Warden Dick Sheehy in a statement today explained the program policy at the prison. As such the program is to boost morale of inmates. Inmates are often used as umpires. When the visiting team bickered over the fairness of the umpires after the loss, they then refused the lunch and left. Sheehy stated visiting team umpires would be welcome in the future.

50 years ago

(Photo caption) Carson City’s newest resort motel and tallest sign are shown taking shape here, preparatory to a special preview and open house. Across the top of the “Motel” sign will be installed the rest of the name “City Center” located on North Carson Street across from the Civic Center.

30 years ago

Silver City residents said today they’ll go to court if necessary to block an open-pit mine in their historic Comstock Lode community proposed by a Seattle-based mining company.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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