Past Pages for Friday, July 1, 2016

150 years ago

Thunder shower: A thunder gust of moderate proportions, accompanied with a shower of rain sufficient to lay the dust in our streets, was one of the pleasant events of yesterday. A drenching rain of a while night or so would do much good to crops just about now.

130 years ago

Night before last Constable Furlong went out to McTarnahan’s bridge and brought in the two men who had the shot gun quarrel the day before. He found German Jake in the road across a shot gun and Pete Crister in the house with his skull fractured. An Indian whom he found nearby claimed to be an eye witness of the affair. He says that Jake and Pete had been living together for some time near the bridge; Jake attempted to saddle a horse to go to town when Pete grabbed a shotgun with both wrestling for the gun. Jake got the gun away from Pete and struck him alongside the head with it. The gun discharged, shattering Jakes arm at the elbow. The case will come before Justice Lang’s court.

100 years ago

Judge Langan is in receipt of the following letter from Chicago, and as he does not possess the information requested he has handed it to the Appeal. “Sir: I am seeking information of my husband. He left me and his children along October, 1915, about the 31st, and took a middle-aged red-headed woman, the wife of another man, and is reported to be in Nevada asking for an easy divorce so he can marry her. Will you know if the divorce has been granted for filed. Mrs. B.F. Frazier.”

70 years ago

One of the loveliest of the summer weddings was the marriage of Miss Jacklyn Ross, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Ross and Paul Dominique Laxalt, son of Mr. And Mrs. Dominique Laxalt, of Carson City, at St. Theresa Catholic Church in the presence of a large number of family and friends.

50 years ago

A 24-year-old Carson City man was appointed this week as advertising and promotion manager for the Nevada Highways and Parks Magazine. Bruce Pozzi, a native Nevadan, was named to the position by the editor of the magazine, Donald L. Bowers.

30 years ago

Members of a legislative committee took no action recently after citizens requested they endorse a resolution in opposition to a nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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