Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 12, 2016

School board is not working on collision course

After attending the March 8 Carson City School Board meeting and presenting signed petitions from business here in Carson City to retain the collision repair course, it was made clear this course will not be offered at the high school. Even though public comments from many parents of students praised the course, the current school board is not acting on retaining the class for the 2016-17 school year.

I spoke about the importance of this course, which allows students a career in the ever expanding automotive industry and also teaches skills that are needed by other business related to their instruction. But the will of the taxpayers of Carson City is not being heard by these elected board members.

In this year of taxpayers demanding their voice be heard by the people we elect, I think it is time to make a change for the type of representative that listens and responds to what we pay our taxes for, not ill planned changes that effect our children. Nevada is 50th on the list of states in education.

In the November 2016, Laurel Crossman, Steven Reynolds and Joe Cacioppo are running for re-election. If they refuse to listen to us now, maybe it is time to install fresh, caring people to take their place. Time for a change for the better.

Jim Godec

Carson City


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