Lompa Ranch on Carson City Board of Supervisors agenda

The Carson City Board of Supervisors will take up changes in plans for Lompa Ranch that would allow development of apartments and smaller-lot homes at the 250-acre site.

The Planning Commission approved the zoning and plan changes at its Feb. 24 meeting, sending the issue to the supervisors, who will decide on it Thursday.

The changes would require new zoning, going from the existing single-family one-acre and agriculture to single-family 6,000, multi-family duplex, multi-family apartment, neighborhood business and general commercial.

Also, a revision of the ranch’s Specific Plan Area would allow for a mix of medium-density residential, high-density residential, mixed-use residential, neighborhood commercial, mixed-use commercial and open space.

The SPA revision request comes from Blackstone Development Group. The ranch’s owners are MTK Properties, LLC; Arraiz Family Trust; and Tom & Martha Keating Family Trust.

At the Planning Commission meeting, several nearby residents expressed concerns the change in plans would make the development too dense and create traffic and other services-related problems in the area.

At that meeting, the developer said a minimum $1,000 impact fee per dwelling unit would be charged to help fund a new fire station if needed.

Raise the occupancy tax?

The board of supervisors also may move to find a new 1 percent hike to the transient occupancy tax does not cause an undue burden on lodging properties.

The increase recommendation was approved by the Carson City Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.

The tax bump should bring in $160,000 annually and sunset after five years.

The bureau plans to use it, in part, to hire an arts and culture coordinator and to cover costs associated with the implementation of the Carson City Arts and Culture Master Plan.

The board will also take up the arts and culture plan, which is an amendment to the Master Plan.

The plan, which creates an arts and culture agency to coordinate programming, services, research and grants, was approved by the Planning Commission at its Jan. 27 meeting.

Nicki Aaker, director, Carson City Health and Human Services, will deliver a report on HHS, including clinical statistic services and an overview of food establishment inspections.

The goal is for the board to provide feedback and direction to the department.

The board could also approve an agreement between the city and Lopiccolo Investments LLC for a permanent easement needed to build Bob McFadden Plaza, part of the downtown corridor construction project that got underway last week.

The plaza will be created by blocking off car traffic from the block of Third Street west of Carson Street.

Also on the agenda

A $173,125 contract with Andritz Separation Inc. for work on a centrifuge at the Water Resource Recovery Facility.

Modifications to the three year-old Utility Financial Oversight Committee.

A contract not to exceed $93,948 with Eide Bailey LLP to provide auditing for the city.

A donation of a retired van from Carson City Public Works to the Carson City Senior Center.

The Board of Supervisors meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center.


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