Letters to the editor for Saturday, May 7, 2016

O’Neill voted for Nevada’s future

For his courageous and righteous investment in Nevada’s future, Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill secured the Lord’s highest blessing: excommunication from the local Republican Party. This on the same day the party’s former Speaker of the House earned a prison sentence as a result of serial child molestation.

As further evidence of heavenly exoneration, O’Neill’s ouster proclaimed, “If he doesn’t want to walk like a Republican ... he isn’t one.”

Russ Law

Carson City

City should buy Anderson Ranch

I read James Pincock’s commentary on Wednesday concerning Carson City purchasing the Anderson Ranch and have to agree with him 100 percent. With all the other planned housing and commercial development being approved in Carson City, our city needs the open space the Anderson Ranch could provide.

I am also concerned about water consumption, just because we had one average winter, does not guarantee our next winter will be a wet one, as our Mayor and City Manager should now, referencing their recent conversation about the status of Carson City, also recently published in the Nevada Appeal.

Jeff Bargmann

Carson City


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