Past Pages for Sunday, May 15, 2016

150 Years Ago

Celebrating one year, May 16, 1866: “The Appeal accomplishes its freshman year. Its publication was begun in one of the most depressed periods of business life and prospects that Nevada has ever known. We believe that Carson will live and prosper, and that they who are willing to cast their fortunes here and to toil bravely on will finally reap the reward of their constancy and their work. It has had its share of the hard times which all have experienced and it has, at the same time, been sustained and encouraged generously and efficiently ...” — H.R. Mighels, editor

130 Years Ago

Catching wild horses. Louis Dean came in from his Roop County stock ranch and reports having captured 70 head of wild horses, descendants of some stock turned out in that county by Hon. L. T. Fox. Among those captured is the roan stud, a very fine horse. The animals, securely hobbled with chains, will arrive on the meadows this evening. (Gazette)

110 Years Ago

A matrimonial boom. Carson seems to have everything desirable to build up a city except a choice assortment of marriageable young men. The young ladies in the hour of distress have turned to the Appeal to start a matrimonial boom. We call upon the state press to spread the news that this berg possesses advantages in the line of prospective brides that is shared by no other locality on the coast. We invite inspection.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Carson Theatre — ‘Bandit of Sherwood Forest’ with Cornel Wilde and Anita Louise. Beautiful Technicolor ... A story of the son of Robin Hood. Along with Community Sing, Cartoon, News.”

50 Years Ago

Photo caption. Checking appraisal procedure at the new mall is Francis Carrington, owner, Arthur Beam, Wallace Cudworth and Gerald Johnson.

20 Years Ago

Eureka Gold. The high price of gold, now $550 per troy ounce, makes the mining business worthwhile. The Ruby Hill Mine produces specks of a few ounces in every 100 tons.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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