Carson City readers cover what they’re thankful for

Editor’s note: The Nevada Appeal asked readers what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Thank you, Carson City

My wife and I (married 50 years) moved here 13 months ago. We love Carson City and are thankful we made the decision to leave Southern California.

Carson City gives us beauty — surrounding hills and mountains, cloud formations, trees, four seasons, fall colors, Capitol buildings and the new downtown area; history — remarkable history and facts of this area and especially the Nevada State Museum; proximity — 30 minutes to beautiful Lake Tahoe, Virginia City and old Reno; friendliness — (this quality most of all), it is remarkable the smiles, waves, consideration of the wonderful personality of Carson City.

Thank you to the following for your friendliness: Rick Fields — the plumber, St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Community, Carson Medical Group, Rick’s Flooring, Mary Jo Brummer of ReMax, our neighbors, Sage Café, Trader Joe’s, Lowe’s, Ronni Hannaman of the Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Appeal for the great city coverage and the local amazing volunteerism.

We are so thankful we moved to Carson City.

Bob and Gerri Ash

Carson City

Miracles do happen

At this time of celebrating Thanksgiving Day, I am overwhelmed by the wonderful people in our community who have reached out with love, faith, and prayers to our family to support us when our new little granddaughter was rushed to Reno with a life-threatening illness.

We could have easily lost her, but she is making progress and we look forward to her return home in a few weeks.

Thank you to a wonderful hospital staff and the many prayers raised in her behalf. Miracles do happen. Carson City is certainly a great place to live because of the caring people who live here. Thank you! We’re so grateful!

Carolyn Myler

Carson City

My Thanks-given to you

Thanksgiving Day is a day for the family. My family today — the friends and relationships I share with people I value and respect. Many are in that group.

I have been in Nevada for close to 22 years; today it is not the same Nevada I considered “Paradise Found” for years. However, as Carson City has changed and grown, so have I.

Nevada is now almost like every other city in our country but more convenient. I came here to explore dreams and goals and many, though not all, were satisfied. I was happy, content.

In 2016, I have met several new and interesting people with whom I share very similar values and spirit. Recently I attended a Prayer Summit at Zephyr Cove and returned rekindled! On a plane trip I met an artist and immediately found she and I find the same things important.

Rejoice in your family. Talk.

Ann Bednarski

Carson City

Thanks to Carson City voters

Heartfelt thanks go to Carson City voters, both my supporters and those who voted for my opponent for city supervisor from Ward 4 earlier this month.

I’m grateful I won, but that is far from my greatest reason for being thankful this Thanksgiving Day. Most important is that we live in a country in which transfers of power, all the way from the national scene down to communities like Carson City, are decided by ballots rather than bullets.

That’s easy to say, but world events remind us it’s harder to do. It is a tribute to our founders and ancestors. It’s an unusual phenomenon elsewhere, and a beacon of hope that the world eventually will emulate our way of doing the public’s business. It’s because of free and peaceful elections that we can concentrate on truly important matters — our loved ones and building community instead of enmity and destroying our common pursuit of liberty and happiness.

John Barrette

Carson City Supervisor-elect Ward 4

Kindness of music community is priceless

Gary and I would like to thank everyone for their very generous donations to my medical fund, via GoFundMe and private donations, with special thanks to Ellie Bugli for organizing this event.

As we reflect on our blessings this time of year, we are so thankful for the support of the music community as well as the wonderful citizens of the Carson City area.

Words are inadequate to express our gratitude. Your kindness is priceless!

Sue Jesch

Carson City

Woman blessed with friendship and love

What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is for my best friend, Karen Stearns. She passed over Jordan this month.

I’m thankful to have been so very blessed by her friendship and love. I miss her terribly, yet I’m very thankful to have known such a fine caliber of person.

Robin Christy

Carson City

Through tension, country still knows liberty

There are many things to be thankful for, but one of the greatest is this nation that God has given us. Even with all of her foibles, this Democratic Republic is the greatest experiment ever tried by man.

The Constitution by which we abide has lasted longer than any other in the world and has provided opportunities galore for people to flourish. So as we settle into enjoy our time with family, friends, and feasting, let’s think for a moment how entirely blessed we are to know the bracing and adventurous winds of liberty. Even with all of the recent political tension, we are free to express ourselves as we see fit. We know liberty, prosperity, and opportunity like few others in the world.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of America.

Kate Morra

Carson City


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