Carson City board approves downtown district agreement

The Carson City Board of Supervisors made quick work Thursday of their final October meeting.

The board approved a cooperative agreement between the city and the newly established Downtown Neighborhood Improvement District (NID), appointed two new members to the Airport Authority and approved a grant to design and build a restroom, sidewalk and other improvements at the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range.

The NID was formed earlier this year to assess downtown businesses through property taxes in order to cover a portion of the maintenance of the new streetscape there.

The NID members have been already assessed for the first fiscal year, according to Lee Plemel, director, Community Development, and provide 71 percent of the funds for maintenance that fronts their property while the city provides the remainder.

The fund is $76,208 with $49,736 from property owner assessments and $26,472 from the city, which equals what the city has spent in the past.

The new agreement outlines responsibilities, which include maintenance of planter beds, flower baskets, irrigation systems, and paved and unpaved surfaces.

The supervisors appointed Larry Harvey as the manufacturing representative and Aaron Collins representing a fixed bas operator on the Airport Authority, both for terms through October 2020.

Neither candidates were present at the meeting and were the only applicants for the two openings.

A $52,461 grant from the Nevada Department of Wildlife was accepted to build a bathroom and wheelchair-accessible sidewalk and add signage to the city’s popular rifle and pistol range.

The grant requires a 25 percent match, which is being provided by the city and through donations, including one from the Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation.

The board also approved reclassifying a part-time position for an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) who provides jail medical services to a full-time position.

The current APRN is retiring and Sheriff Kenny Furlong said the position is essential.

“The APRN is very necessary and the position will be very difficult to fill,” said Furlong. “A benefitted, full-time position will be more appealing.”

Furlong estimated that without the position, up to 50 inmates a day would have to be transported to an outside medical facility for various treatment, which would require significant officer overtime.

The full-time position was approved at a salary ranging from $83,847-$98,170.

The supervisors also directed the city treasurer to start the lengthy-process to sell properties that are three-years delinquent on their property taxes.

The 23 properties, consisting mostly of houses and three commercial entities, could eventually be sold at auction in March 2017 for no less than what is owed in back taxes, which totals $169,370.09.

The owners have until that time to pay the taxes, said Gayle Robertson, treasurer.

In other actions, the board approved purchase of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for up to $432,500 from several vendors and a $58,485.72 payment for the Carson City Library’s annual services from the Cooperative Libraries Automated Network.

The Board of Supervisors next meeting is Nov. 3, starting at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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