Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016

The deadline for election letters was Thursday, Oct. 20. The letters that appear in the upcoming days don’t involve Carson City candidates.

No on Question 1

Nevada doesn’t need Mayor Bloomberg’s money or small groups of Nevadans from Las Vegas telling Nevadans what to do with their guns.

Who is going to train these people? And it will cost Nevada taxpayers millions of dollars to carry this out. Nevada’s sheriffs and police chiefs are against its passage. Criminals will still get guns.

We should vote no on Question 1.

Albert Wright


Clinton offers extension of Obama administration

For those of you who will be voting for Hillary Clinton in this presidential election, here is what you can expect: an extension of Obama’s executive order as well as several of her own, and the continued use of federal agency regulations to act as legislation, the appointment of scores of liberal Democratic judges at the federal level, and at least one and possibly two liberal Supreme Court justices more sympathetic to Democratic Party policies than the Constitution. And the cherry on top will be universal healthcare which will crush the private sector economy.

I wish you well and may God bless America.

David Neely


Mr. Trump, don’t touch!

Mr. Trump, when I heard about your behavior with women, I was surprised. I thought you treated women with respect, but apparently I was wrong.

Women are not play toys. They are human beings who deserve respect from their male counterparts. Every female from cradle to grave has the God given right to be free of male aggression. Although you have a lot of money, power and authority, that does not give you the right to put your hands on women or bad mouth them in public. Keep your opinions and hands to yourself.

As for abortion, no man or government has the right to tell women what they should do with their bodies! Let the woman decide. I was brought up to treat women with respect by simply opening a door or pulling out a chair in a restaurant but always keeping my hands to myself.

Allen Ricketts

Carson City

Clinton’s stance on abortion is hideous

On Oct. 19 the final debate of this Presidential election took place. Hillary Clinton stood firm on her belief on partial birth abortion. Partial birth abortion even though the actual birth would be the next day.

Does she really believe that strongly about legal abortion the she would condone the killing of a full term fetus? This is hideous and disgusting even to some of those who are Pro Choice in regards to legal abortion. It’s no wonder then that there are some that want to defund and shut down Planned Parenthood due to their condoning the sale of these full term baby body parts.

Ann Gerlach


Ben Carson should have been facing Hillary Clinton

So, all you good conservatives wanted to shake things up and nominate a candidate who was not a career politician, not in debt to the special interest groups, someone the big money lobbyists couldn’t influence, someone who didn’t subscribe to the “Political Correctness Manifesto” and would “tell it like it is.”

There were three candidates who met those criteria. As we all now know, Trump was the overwhelming winner and now we find ourselves mired in the final stages of the dirtiest presidential campaign I have experienced in my 70 years.

I can’t help but wonder what might have developed had Dr. Carson been chosen. I doubt we would be forced to endure the petty bickering stemming from multiple accusations of “he said this bad thing” and “he tried to touched me here” that has become the central focus of the pro-Clinton/anti-Trump political machine. Dr. Carson would never have provided them with this type of ammunition. We would instead be hearing detailed plans from Dr. Carson on how he would “Make America Great Again.” We had a chance to choose an honest, intelligent, upstanding Christian man to become our President but rejected him because he was too “soft spoken.” I don’t know about you, but “soft spoken” sounds pretty good to me right now.

Will I cast my ballot for Trump? Yes. I cannot imagine America with a person of such low moral character as Hillary Clinton in command, but I can imagine America with someone of such high moral character as Dr. Ben Carson in command. In fact, I pray for it. Maybe next time. God Bless America.

Alan Rogers

Carson City

Trump behaving like a loser

Donald Trump prattles on about the election being rigged. He sure sounds like a loser to me, inciting his supporters to riot and rebellion. Maybe they’ll give him a Nobel prize when he loses like they did Al Gore, and he can use the money to buy a condo in a San Francisco high rise. Fortunately for us there are “third” parties on the ballot.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

Clinton’s health could be game changer

I was told by a person at the store to Google Hillary’s health. Since I am still undecided I was very surprised with what I saw.

I don’t understand why I never saw this on TV.

Carol Koons

Carson City

We the people

We have chosen Donald Trump to be our next president. But we need help. For almost 60 years I have supported our party and candidates. Even though I did not like all of the candidates or agree with all of the party platforms, I stayed true to our party.

To two former Presidents, former Florida Governor, Speaker of the House, several Washington, D.C., elected officials and many others, you must wake up and support Donald Trump. I fear if you do not support him it will destroy our party and nation.

We can not have four more years of the same thing or worse.

Glenn Bush

Carson City

Nation in need of drastic change

Just one question for the voters: Over the last 8 years, how has the government helped, or hurt, you and/or your family? My wife and I, at a personal level, have been little affected. We were not subject to Obamacare, we have a comfortable retirement. However, the United States of America, as a whole, has been greatly affected, and not in a positive way.

The national debt is hovering around 20 trillion dollars, with no signs of decreasing. In the beginning of Obama’s term, the stimulus package of more than $800 billion was a waste. I saw one project (there may have been more) in Carson City at the wastewater treatment plant for improvements, which was a short term project — not much of a “stimulus.”

My wife and I were disturbed when President Obama was apologizing for the United States. On another note, we were also quite ashamed of Harry Reid’s stranglehold over the Senate while he was Senate Majority Leader — he was not a leader. This country needs a shake up to get back on track. I could go on and on, but you get the general idea ... it’s time for a change in our country, a drastic one, at the national and state levels. And it’s not going to come with a continuation of the current administration.

Brad McCleary

Carson City

Election becoming joke to voters

This presidential campaign is becoming a joke to the citizens, sadly.

Hillary Clinton is making so many phony promises it’s hard to believe. Sure they sound great, but we know it is all an impossible thing as so many of our companies are going overseas every time we turn around.

Now Ford and Chrysler are on their way to Mexico and China is luring many companies away from us.

Hillary Clinton promises a higher minimum wage, profit sharing for workers, paid family leave, child care, and debt free college tuition. She tells us anything for the vote of the masses.

Our national debt is nearly $20 trillion now from $14 trillion when President Obama took over.

Let’s be sensible and do all we can to save what we have by measured and achievable goals.

Val Jensen

Carson City

Wake up and stop the whining

I’m troubled by the women in the upcoming election willing to vote for Hillary because of their concern that they will not have their right to an abortion or their birth control. Time to stop whining and take responsibility for your own bodies and actions so you will not get pregnant. Children are a gift from God, not to be thrown away like a piece of garbage. If this is your main concern, vote for her. It is your right.

I personally am more concerned about things as usual. High taxes, open borders, taking control of our right to bear arms, freedom of religion, etc.

I have been upset by some things Trump has said. If his wife can forgive him, so will I. Some of the incidents that have recently come to light are subject to proof — why have these women not come for the years ago?

I am more concerned with the things that Hillary has committed, such as her failure in the Benghazi assault, lying about her deleted emails that have compromised our safety here and abroad.

Donald has put his successful business aside to help “Make America Great Again.” He didn’t have to, but he sees the downward spiral that we’ve been on for years. On the other hand, Hillary became very wealthy by the many millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments that will be looking for favors if she is able to fulfill her desire for more power. Wake up, stop the whining.

Patricia Rikalo


Choose life: Vote Republican

OK, so what’s it going to be?

Republican — Life, good, God, freedom, Constitution, sovereignty, lower taxes, law and order, free speech and truth.

Democrat — Death, evil, devil, slavery, communism, one world government, higher taxes, anarchy, shut up and sit down, lies.

Choose life with Donald or death with Hillary.

You can’t be a Christian and vote Democrat. If it was up to me, you fence-sitters, RINOs and undecided wouldn’t be allowed to vote. If you want to argue, get your head out of the sand. There’s plenty of information everywhere if you want it. Examples: Reagan Baby, Thomas Paine, Info Wars, 99.1 FM, 780 AM.

Trump said he would get rid of the Johnson Act; that gags preachers from speaking out. (Lyndon Johnson’s baby).

The No. 1 issue in this election is appointments of 4-5 Supreme Court justices, plus a whole bunch of other judges. What is the chance of getting rid of bad laws if the judges are all liberal? There goes the Second Amendment, Constitution, all of it down the tubes, and, America, there won’t be a second chance. Wake up out of your sleep for once put your country first, not what can I get out of it, but what can I do for my country.

Please, I beg you, don’t vote death, for the sake of our children and grandchildren and great-great-great-grandchildren. They think we’re all dumbed down sheeple. Let’s fool them!

Mary Ann Collier


Vulgar politician better than a malicious one

I’m a 94-year-old native Nevadan and I would rather vote for a loud vulgar true American than a malicious lying political b—. I have known both.

Katie McGowan Buchanan

Carson City


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