Reflections: Just wondering

It is that time of year where I start reflecting on things. Here are a few items I wonder about.

I wonder when it became un-American to be an American. Patriotism seems to be a casualty of political correctness. In several schools this year students have the option to opt out of the Pledge of Allegiance. It might offend some illegal immigrant in the class. American flags were banned from a South Carolina football game because much of the opposing team was Hispanic. Public education brainwashing is at its finest.

Burning Man is upon us once again. It is a time for all the free spirits to break loose from the bonds of everyday life. It helps to have a liberal attitude. I wonder if it ever crosses Burners’ minds that they are attending a sexist event. Or is it all right because it is a “man” that is being burned?

Along that line, I wonder if they ever worry about the large amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere by burning the idol. And what about the large amounts of fossil fuels used to get to and from the event? What about the environmental effects of 65,000 people concentrated in one area of the alkali flat, and the roads to the place? Or are attendees only concerned when accusing others of those things?

I wonder if Colin Kaepernick thought about the consequences of his decision not to stand for the National Anthem. He is certainly entitled to make a statement about his beliefs. However, he is probably not entitled to use an NFL venue to do so. Those rights belong solely to the NFL. Pro football relies on its fan base to stay in business. When someone chooses to make a statement that may turn away with that base, they have the right to put a stop to it. Besides, his contract wasn’t the most secure. He might find himself unemployed.

The latest report on Obamacare is that 10.8% percent of the population is still uninsured. Further, most of those are minorities, young adults, and the low income. Combine that with major insurance companies withdrawing from numerous exchanges or raising premiums, and the dire predictions made at its inception are coming true. I wonder how many now realize the great fraud that was foisted on them. I wonder how many in Nevada realize that Catherine Cortez-Masto is a younger position clone of Harry Reid, who was the driving force in getting Obamacare voted on.

The general election is looming, with only a couple of months remaining. I wonder if either party is concerned about voter fraud. There have been statistically impossible instances of 100 percent or higher voting for Democrats in several eastern state precincts. I wonder, why is it always Democrats that get these votes? Or worse yet, having the electronic voting systems hacked? Oops, that has already happened in at least two states. Arizona and Illinois have confirmed hacks into their systems. Makes you wonder who is doing the hacking, and about past elections. Maybe Florida’s paper ballots with the risk of hanging chads were a good idea.

I wonder how supporters of Hillary Clinton can be so blind to her past. She has faced scandal after scandal, from Whitewater to cattle futures to destroying government communications to “pay for play.” How can those supporters condone such activity?

How is it that Donald Trump can conduct business for 45 years in a competitive and sometimes cutthroat business, host a television show, and hold the Miss America pageant for several years without a whiff of scandal, but when he is a Presidential candidate he suddenly becomes racist and sexist? Just wondering. Come to think of it, we haven’t heard anything yet about crooked business deals or underhanded activity about Donald Trump. I am not saying it can’t happen, but you can bet the DNC and Clinton shills are tearing apart his life, desperate for something. If nothing has come to light yet, odds are that it won’t. Could Trump actually be a straight shooter?

Labor Day is the first Monday of September. It was originally organized to celebrate various worker associations’ contributions to the U.S. economy. I wonder why it is called Labor Day instead of Workers Day, or Union Day, or even Take It Easy Day. The name itself implies that maybe we should only work on that day and take the rest of the year off. Sounds good to me. Enjoy your weekend.

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