Nevada wildlife officials issue warning about coyotes

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has issued a warning to area residents about potential conflicts with coyotes.

Urban Wildlife Coordinator Jessica Heitt said coyote pups leave their mother in the fall and begin hunting on their own.

She said that means more sightings and more conflicts, particularly attacks on pets, especially small dogs and cats.

Heitt said homeowners should work with their neighbors to remove things that might attract coyotes such as pet food, accessible garbage and fruit from their trees.

“If residents are unintentionally or worse yet intentionally feeding coyotes, more will always move into the territory,” said Heitt.

She said small children and pets shouldn’t be left out at dusk or at night. She said a six foot fence won’t stop the coyotes but that installing rollers on top of the fence will make it much more difficult to jump.

When walking dogs, she said residents should keep them leashed and carry pepperspray and a noise maker.

“The only effective way to keep cats safe is to keep them inside at all times,” she said.

But she said attacks on humans are rare.


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