Nevada Day Treasure Hunt to begin Oct. 4

The Nevada Day Treasure Hunt is expanding in 2016.

The annual search for the a commemorative medallion and $1,000 prize is growing to 16 clues and expanding to include Pershing County.

The 15th annual Nevada Day Treasure Hunt will be held from Oct. 4 through Oct. 25. It will start on Tuesday and clues will be available Tuesday through Saturday.

“People were asking for a weekend clue,” said organizer Jennifer Mahe. “We will see how it works.”

Mahe said with clues being given from Oct. 4-8th, Oct. 11th through 15th and Oct. 18th through 22nd with a final clue on the 25th, hunters essentially have three weekends.

While technically anyone can participate since clues are posted on the treasure hunt’s website, the hunt is in reality for those in the Northern Nevada area as the medallion is going to be hidden somewhere in Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Storey, Pershing or Washoe county.

It will not be buried, and no structure will need to be disturbed or climbed to find it. The treasure will be hidden on public property. Hunting should only be done in daylight hours, Mahe said.

Clues will be placed on the treasure hunt website daily Tuesday through Saturday. Clues also will be featured in the Nevada Appeal and at daily. Information is also available at the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt’s Facebook page.

The first person to find the treasure will receive a $1,000 prize. The prize is forfeited if the treasure isn’t found within 16 clues.

The person who finds the treasure should bring it to the Nevada Appeal, 580 Mallory Way, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Players must be 18 or older to participate.

The medallion will be in a pouch that is being handmade by Patricia Mahe.

Carson City’s Mahe family of Patricia, Doug, Jennifer, Miranda and John Smith are running the contest.

Jennifer Mahe said this is the second year for the family after taking over from the Olsons, the originators of the hunt.

“A little bit of both, it is easier in the sense that we have done it before. It is a easier to find the place and writing the clues,” Mahe said about the second year. She cited difficulties in a lot of the behind the scenes aspects to running the hunt.

Also new this year is the logo which was created by Stingray Tattoos. Stingray along with Mahe Law, Ponderosa Stamp & Engraving, Sign Pro and the Nevada Appeal are the sponsors of the hunt.

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