Extra caution urged during Street Vibrations

The 2016 Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally is underway and the Nevada Highway Patrol is asking all motorists to use extra caution over the weekend. Per the Street Vibrations Fall Rally website, more than 50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts will take to northern Nevada streets from now until Sunday.

Some of the top reasons drivers do not see motorcycles:

Speeds are more difficult to gauge when objects are smaller and perceived by the viewer to be farther away than larger objects at the same distance.

Size — because motorcycles are smaller, they are more easily hidden from a driver’s view.

Line-of-sight obstructions. Objects placed on a dashboard or hanging from a rear-view mirror obstruct portions of a driver’s view of the road, oftentimes completely masking on oncoming motorcycle. It’s illegal in Nevada to have objects hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Tips for drivers

“Look Once, Look Twice” for motorcycles; be especially vigilant around intersections; give motorcycles plenty of room; check your blind spots before changing lanes.

Tips for riders

Ride like you’re invisible — Don’t assume all other drivers actually see you; be especially cautious around intersections; wear bright colors (i.e. reflective vest) to make yourself more visible to other drivers; don’t ride in other drivers’ blind spots (you’re smaller than other vehicles and not as easily seen); ride unaffected by alcohol or drugs (you need all your abilities to focus while riding); consider taking an advanced motorcycle class (you can always become a better rider than you are now).


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