Community still having fun with Jimmy Fallon

As many people have told us during the past few weeks, thank you for letting us have fun in trying to get late-night television host and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon to the Oasis of Nevada.

Reporter Aly Lawson has spearheaded this lighthearted drive for people to catch the star’s attention and share the county sights such as Naval Air Station Fallon, the Churchill Vineyards, the community and most of all the people who call Fallon home.

Even though Facebook capped us on a two-week promotional event, the entertainment can still go on as we — the LVN and the community — try to catch Jimmy’s attention and persuade him to visit his namesake city in Nevada. We’ve also enlisted the assistance of KRNV television, Reno’s NBC affiliate, to work with the network’s media relations department and put the bug in Jimmy’s ear for a trip to the Lahontan Valley.

From the schools to local government and businesses, people have creatively used the campaign’s Jimmy Fallon “heads” in photos and videos posted to social media. Since the effort started earlier this month, the number of respondents to the many postings has totaled in the five-figure range and grows every day.

Mayor Ken Tedford even picked up his Jimmy Fallon head and posed for the cameras. His honor said the Jimmy Fallon campaign creates community interest and improves our quality of life.

A Navy aviator is now trending on our Facebook site as he has given us below a cool as well as sideways view of the world … and Jimmy is his co-pilot.

Remember to follow @FallonNews on Instagram to keep up with the ongoing campaign to bring Jimmy Fallon to Fallon. The locally-themed care package is being sent this week to the Tonight Show star at 30 Rock in New York City.

You can pick up a Jimmy Fallon head (on a stick) at the LVN office at 37 S. Maine St., or you can make your own using a Getty image — then enjoy taking selfies with him across Fallon, preferably at interesting, comical or beautiful landmarks and locations that feature our community.

Then, upload the photo or video to Instagram (or your preferred social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter). Include the hashtag #FallonWantsFallon in the caption and any others desired. You can also tag us and other participating organizations we owe deep thanks to including @FallonChamber and many others.

Plus, you can tag @JimmyFallon in the photo and add where the image was shot. Anyone can follow the campaign online or submit photos to

Please make sure posts are public. And remember to keep posts appropriate.

Involving Jimmy Fallon in our everyday lives takes our minds off the world’s serious events and brings some humor and smiles back to Americana.

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