Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 29, 2017

Editor’s note: Carson City’s Diana Michaels sent the following letter she received from Madison Comvach, a student at the Charlotte Latin School in North Carolina. Madison sent a letter to the Nevada Appeal requesting information from readers about Nevada and Carson City. The letter thanks Michaels for sending several items including photos and books.

Student thankful for items used in state project

Dear Diana Michaels,

Thank you so much for the wonderful things you sent me. They will really help me with my state report and presentation. For my report, I have to create a trifold poster with all the information I am learning about your state, including things like state symbols, natural resources, tourist attractions and famous people. In May we are going to have a big state fair where we get to display all the information and items we received.

I really appreciate that you took the time and money to send me items and information about Nevada. It really means a lot to me and has been a lot of fun!

P.S. Thank you so much!


Madison Comvach

Charlotte, N.C.


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