The Popcorn Stand: New Year’s Resolution: taking shots at Millennials

As I’ve written before we all like to take shots at Millennials especially us Generation Xers. Now there’s a Twitter handle #MillennialNewYearResolutions that makes fun of what Millennials would resolve to do in 2018.

Of course there were plenty mock resolutions referring to Millennials’ love of technology and smart phones. One resolution stated “Looking up from my phone 30 seconds every day.” And another stated “interact with a human in person.”

Of course it should be noted all these people who are making fun of Millennials for their love of things like Twitter and smart phones are doing it with Twitter and smart phones.

These mock Millennial resolutions, though, were quite educational. Evidently “adulting” is actually a term that I guess refers to how difficult it is for Millennials to take on adult tasks. And I can tell you from looking at these mock resolutions, people love to use this term “adulting” when putting down Millennials.

And people also use the term “fidget spinners” to malign Millennials. Yes, the toys that are just basically things that spin, you know “fidget spinners.” One mock resolution stated “Drop the fidget spinners and resort to black coffee” which was apparently a reference to a Millennial trying to grow up or become more “adulting.”

There was also the term “fleek” which I also didn’t quite understand. One mock resolution for a Millennial stated “Find out what fleek means.” Apparently Millennials are already falling behind when it comes to knowing what’s hip (is it even hip to say hip anymore?) as it’s my understanding “fleek” is a term used by Generation Zers (otherwise known as teenagers) to describe what’s in style.

Maybe Tower of Power should change its song from “What is Hip” to “What is Fleek.” (Look it up Millennials and Generation Zers). You can find the resolutions here:

— By Charles Whisnand


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