What is music to your pet’s ears?

Rita, a five-year-old gray-brown tabby and her daughter are in search of a home.

Rita, a five-year-old gray-brown tabby and her daughter are in search of a home.

Last Saturday while listening to the Bill Charlap Trio at The Barkley Theater, I couldn’t help but wonder if Watson would enjoy this incredible music. Of course, I bought a CD and not surprisingly he perked up when I put it on. Watching him made me curious about what experts say regarding animals and music.

Recent findings from the University of Glasgow confirm that dogs do respond to music. The study was done at a shelter where the dogs were monitored for stress levels. They played five genres of music; classical, soft rock, reggae, pop and Motown. The dogs were less stressed when they heard music; they liked reggae and soft rock the best and Motown the least.

One interesting finding was that specific dogs responded differently to each music genre. This lead to the conclusion that there is a personal preference from some dogs for different types of music, just like in humans.

At one shelter they played classical music, and the animals were less apt to bark and lied down. Unfortunately, the affect only lasted a week before the barking and agitation returned.

It seems the dogs had gotten used to the music, and they tuned it out. Attendants found the key to keeping the stress-reducing effects going was to have a variety of tunes.

Results from these studies could help shelters keep a calm atmosphere where dogs can be relaxed and more natural. Shelters can be scary for dogs because of the noise and unfamiliarity. Maybe a little reggae and soft rock are just what the vet ordered to lower the stress and get on a groove. For all the D.J.s out there, now is the time to create a Pup’s Playlist.


Rita is a five-year-old gray-brown tabby who had kittens at CAPS. All of her kitties found homes except Squirt who is now four-years-old. Both mother and daughter love people and cats. They need to find a home without dogs where they can be together. Rita enjoys playing in water and talking. Come out and let the girls tell you a story. They are charming!


Vendors for Bark in the Park coming in May. Bark in the Park isn’t just about cats and dogs; we also want vendors who cater to the people.

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Rema White for donating food and toys for our guests. You truly make a difference!

Myndie for volunteering to play with cats and walk dogs. All of our guests appreciate you.

A Four Paws Salute to all of our volunteers!


CAPS will be at Walmart on Feb 18. If you didn’t get a Valentine’s Day kiss, you still can at our Kissin’ Booth. Come smooch our pooch. We will also have caps, long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, so please check them out after you have been smooched.


February Pet Holidays:

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, Pet Dental Health Month

To Mark your calendar for Bark in the Park that will be held in May. More details will follow.

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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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