New outpatient imaging center opens in Elko

High Desert Imaging's Jenn Cambra talks to a young patient before a CT scan.

High Desert Imaging's Jenn Cambra talks to a young patient before a CT scan.

High Desert Imaging came to Elko last August as a new option for local outpatient medical imaging.

“We found that a lot of members of the community were leaving to go to Salt Lake City or Twin Falls for their medical imaging services,” says Steve Mims, administrator for HDI, in a phone interview. “We found [opening HDI] as an opportunity to really benefit the providers as well as the community members.”

HDI opened in Aug. 15 of last year. It’s an independent medical imaging center. According to Mims, it was the high prices of the lone local outpatient medical imaging center that drove people to consider other options.

“We’re much more affordable than the local hospital there in Elko,” says Mims.

HDI’s medical imaging services include MRI, ultrasound scan, X-ray, mammograms, DEXA and more. These services can help detect diseases and illness such as osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Seven official staff members help run HDI, some of which have earned their licenses in Elko. Jenn Cambra, manager and technologist at HDI, had at least 10 years of experience in the field before she found the new imaging center.

“I wanted to be a part of something great for the community,” says Cambra. “I think people are happy to have a choice.”

HDI accepts nearly all major forms of health insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. It also provides certain discounts and flexible payment options for patients that are either uninsured, have high deductible payouts or have to pay out-of-pocket.

HDI will participate in the Health and Fitness Fair at the Elko Convention Center on Saturday, March 11. They will provide information on their imaging services and will give kids and adults an opportunity to win prizes. They will also conduct free heel DEXA scans, which can help detect osteoporosis.

Mims has plans to expand HDI’s medical imaging services in the future. He remains firm on his goal in establishing HDI as an affordable alternative for Elko residents.

“If I have one community member leave Elko then I’m really not doing my job,” says Mims. “I’ll do everything I can to keep people from feeling like they have to go out of town for their imaging services.”

For more information on High Desert Imaging, visit their Facebook page or their website.


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