Sanford E. Deyo: Post presidential election thoughts

For the next decade, or more, many thoughts will be offered as the explanation for the defeat of Hillary by Donald. Hopefully they will consider the following has played some part in the upset.

One factor is the demise of the Democratic Party as the party of the working class. Like many others, most workers are descendants of individuals who worked and saved to obtain passage to this country seeking entry. Some made entry but many, for various reasons — health, political belief or religion — didn’t make it. They came seeking the pursuit of happiness and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They sought citizenship, not entitlements or government handouts.

During my lifetime, beginning with FDR and Eleanor, I feel there was a general public feeling party leaders, party workers and supporters had a true concern for the blue collar workers. Now I feel there’s a general public feeling the party leaders and party workers have more interest in using the party as a means to obtaining and maintaining their positions of self gratification than in the concerns of the workers.

Another factor is the “thing” Americans have about “rags to riches” stories. Even if it’s a situation of going from a millionaire to a billionaire, as in the case of Trump or Howard Hughes, if it’s done in the private sector it’s more acceptable than if done in the public sector. When it’s done in the public sector while serving the citizens, in an elected or appointed position, it’s generally met with suspicion and doubt.

The Clintons upon leaving the White House per Hillary were “penniless and in debt.” Now having served as an elected Senator and an appointed Secretary of State, the family net worth is estimated to be approximately $373.6 million. (Bill at $80 million, Hillary at $31.3 million, Chelsea at $15 million and their foundation at $247.3 million (2013 estimate).

The Obama family net worth upon leaving the White House is estimated to be $484 million (Barack at $12.2 million, Michelle at $11.8 million, daughters Malia and Natasha at $275 million and $185 million, respectively). Many feel the former first family’s expending more than $85 million of tax dollars on their holidays and vacations is best considered as a lack of respect for the taxpayers’ money rather than a matter of job entitlement.

A third factor has to do with honesty and trustworthiness. While some voters have an attitude of “my party right or wrong,” there are many voters who have a high regard for these values and vote accordingly based on their perception of a candidate’s honesty.

Hillary during her career as a public servant has left a long trail of lies (oops, mis-speakings) and questionable actions. During the server situation it started as a matter of convenience, became no classified material was involved, then no material marked classified, then she wasn’t aware of or understood any classified markings and finally she was sorry. A questionable series of excuses which hardly leads to a “warm and comfortable” explanation.

With Barack it began with his pronouncement of a clear and transparent campaign. Then we find out he has, for some reason, sealed his college records. He talked about bringing us all together but during his term in office we have to consider the following:

Our national debt is now higher than the total of all prior presidents.

Our status with foreign countries, both friend and foe, has suffered.

We have more people on unemployment than ever before.

The racial situation is the worst in many years.

The political situation has become one of party first with America and its citizens second.

It’s no longer a time where one can disagree without being labeled as a racist, bigot or whatever.

Many voters, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, progressive, conservative, liberal, etc., have become concerned about the above factors in our public servants and want a return to an era where American values and the American working class still mattered.

Back to a time when most people were aware, and understood, all government programs and government jobs are basically dependent on the taxes paid by people working in the private sector.

Sanford E. Deyo is a resident of Minden.


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