Letters to the editor for Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Author’s note: On July 4, 1976, at the close of a vast youth program, the following song was rousingly sung by more than 5,000 high school students representing all 50 states at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The song was supposed to have been presented by a professional singer who never showed up for the event, so the author, not being much of any kind of singer, led in song the 5,000 young people — and with so much arm-waving gusto and aplomb the result was, no one would have heard nor much regarded any professional singer trying to lead such a spirit filled colossus in singing America’s first birthday song.

Happy birthday, America

(A flag-waving fun song to the melody of “Happy Birthday”)

Happy birthday, America ... Happy birthday, America

Happy birthday, dear America, happy birthday to you!

It’s a mirth-day, America ... It’s a mirth-day, America

It’s a mirth-day, America, making history anew!

(To “Auld Lang Syne” melody)

Our country’s worth is based on tears

And its sanity stems from song

That we’re best on Earth is based on cheers,

So in numbers strong, sing along!

Here, now, all children are the cheers —

Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

For all the war-shed tears of your mama and papa

Who gave us birth in this land of might

Who taught us right from wrong

And from Indian to Asian fight, now to freedom we belong!

We can laugh and work and pray and play

And think and say and do

In bicentennial USA ... America, we’re proud of you!

(To “Happy Birthday” melody)

It’s a great day, America, it’s a great day for you

It’s a great day, America, 200 years in review!

Happy birthday, America, happy birthday, America

Happy birthday, America, happy birthday to you!

Thane Cornell

Carson City


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