Top 10 ways to know if you're a Carson City local

Lin O'Kelley and Chili walk with the Wild Ass Women in Nevada Day parade 2013

Lin O'Kelley and Chili walk with the Wild Ass Women in Nevada Day parade 2013

As locals, we can all agree Carson City is a great place to be. But what makes the people of Carson City true locals? The idea is inspired by our sister paper in Colorado, Steamboat Today. We posted this fill-in-the-blank on our Facebook page and received a variety of great comments from our followers, initiating some conversations. Here are some of the top responses based on likes and reactions.
Fill in the blank: You don't really become a Carson City local until _______. Posted by Nevada Appeal on Monday, July 10, 2017
10. When you have actually been inside of the Ormsby House. - Jen Untereiner Back in September in 2000, the city announced the Ormsby House would be closed for nine months. Well, about 17 years have gone by without reopening; the 45-year-old structure became a drive-by landmark, leaving locals wondering about its future. But after undergoing interior construction in September 2016, the Ormsby House went up for sale and officially hit the market in March, at an undisclosed price. Locals created a thread through this comment reminiscing about the hotel's buffet and train set in the 110-room building. 9. You don't get excited about seeing deer. - Kaeli Biggin Nevada's wildlife will always be fascinating but as a local, you get used to it. It's pretty common to spot a deer and its family strolling through town. 8. You remember having a Penguin Burger! - Betty Fatino The Penguin on the corner of Carson and Sophia Streets had a good run. For 45 years, the locally-owned diner served their classic Penguin burger, along with fries and tacos. Although they closed for good in 1997, the Westside Pour House resurrected the Penguin taco in March 2017, for its Taco Tuesdays. 7. Until you spent your childhood in the "nugget dungeon" while your parents gambled. - Sheri Lehrbaum. 6. Until you're finally allergic to the sagebrush or cottonwood! - Michelle Pedersen. 5. You know where "the old Kmart" was. - Barbara Foskett Jones. The North Town Plaza brings even more of a nostalgia for longtime locals. The Super Kmart was built in 1994 and lasted for nine years, leaving empty space in its parking lot. However, for the owners of Bodines Casino, the building became an opportunity and is planned for about 16,500 square feet inside the shopping center. 4. You have been in every little shop on Curry Street, visited the Nevada State Museum, and taken a ride on Engine 25 at the Railroad Museum. - Sandra LaRusso Hartley. 3. Until you've done Karaoke at Jimmy G's Cigar Bar. - Mike Morrison 2. You have had a relative in or you have been in the Nevada Day parade. - Katrina Trautwein. 1.Graduated a super, duper long time ago from CHS and so did your kids. Also, when you have been in the Nevada Appeal a bunch of times at the Nevada Day Parade, and people in the parade look for you at your "usual" spot! - Donna Gray.


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