County approves new software vendors

The Churchill County Board of Commissioners met last week to approve vendors for new county software as well as hear the latest Enel Green Power glare update.

Enel reported on progress made to block the glare coming from the EGP Stillwater Solar PV I plant on Lawrence Lane in response to the nuisance complaint filed by Candy Peck at Freeman Lane.

District Attorney Ben Shawcroft advised and the commissioners agreed the Enel representatives return when Peck could be present.

Enel did share recent photos including the completed berm and fencing as well as the northern section where screening material was first installed, which is where the glare is currently coming from said Bryan Stankiewicz, plant operations manager. He added Enel paid extra to have the screening material delivery expedited and will be continuing to finish installation.

The barrier is two feet higher than the panels, Stankiewicz said. He explained maintenance will be handled on site and the same setup will be around the plant expansion.

Commissioner Bus Scharmann asked about progress made on addressing Peck’s second-story glare. Enel reported trying to call her regarding options of auto-tinting glass, window shades and polarized glass, and will continue to try to work with the resident.

The issue was tabled until the next meeting so Peck could attend.

County staff discussed with commissioners new software for different departments. Comptroller Alan Kalt said the main current software supplier, Advanced Data Systems, is retiring after serving rural Nevada for over 35 years.

Devnet, Vemacs, Pioneer, Tyler and IQ vendors were all vetted and approved. The largest provider Devnet was said to be modern, user-friendly, intuitive and customizable as well as meet the majority of needs among comparable vendors and with the least amount of development needed; it would also be more digital, streamline, eliminate redundancies and completely change workflows for the better.

The county reported it also liked the business model as well as unlimited customer support and training. Also some of the development cost would be spread over 15 counties and result in “quite a large savings.”

Kalt said vendors would work with the county on conversion, implementation and integration. He added he was “really pleased financially where we’ve come on this.” He emphasized staff’s active involvement in the process and challenging numbers helped the county receive favorable pricing, estimating a 50 percent reduction.

Linda Rothery, chief deputy clerk/treasurer, presented an election software and hardware upgrade with current vendor Dominion Voting Systems for voting machine upgrades, which was approved.

The commission recognized the Fallon Lions Club for upgrades made to the Fallon Lions North Maine Street girls’ softball park. Jorge Guerrero, Parks & Recreation director, said the group has been a county steward and helps with many community activities.

“This year they’ve gone above and beyond,” he said, adding they also cleaned up Liberty Pond.

For the softball field, they added netting to minimize foul balls into the nearby playground, upgraded the main field scoreboard as well as installed a new flagpole and grill — totaling about $8,000.

“It’s civic groups like this that help make Fallon a better place to live,” Commissioner Pete Olsen said.

Scharmann, who said he has worked with them for 40 years, said the Lions are “great to work with” and “always helping hands.”

“One of the super organizations in our community,” he added.

Kalt reported on the county’s debt management policy and how the new jail received an extremely favorable interest rate, 1.7 percent.

“Final summary, we’re in a great debt position,” Kalt said and thanked the debt management committee. “Sure we’ve acquired some long-term debt but we’ve acquired some great long-term assets.”

Shannon Ernst, Social Services director, discussed a future potential agreement between the county and state Division of Health and Human Services, Division of Developmental Services due to recent changes. Ernst said Shawcroft and the Nevada Association of Counties have been helpful outlining counties and determining options in response — considering the potential for a cost skyrocket due to extraordinary or unpredictable scenarios.

For example, the variable number of youth behavioral issues diagnoses or youth coming into or leaving different counties. She said the discussed cap is a safety net for only the non-variable situations. Negotiations were finalized before the meeting; Ernst said she hopes the next meeting will result in an approved contract.

“That is what my concern has been from the beginning, is not knowing,” she said.

County manager Eleanor Lockwood thanked her assistant Julie Guerrero, and had given her a plaque, for her hard work on the new life center grand opening — from the moving in to the big event to making sure all involved parties were thanked and honored. Lockwood expressed her “sincere gratitude for all she did.”

The commission also approved the following:

Contract between the county and state’s Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, Medicaid Match Program for fiscal years 2018 and 2019, for a total projected contract not to exceed eight cents of the annual assessed value.

Contract between the county and state Housing Division for tenant-based rental assistance funding for $7,000 as a HUD supportive housing program match.

Contract with the same division for $32,000 in tenant-based rental assistance funding to support homeless programming.

Authorized the human resources director to agree on behalf of the county for a three-year contract renewal with NEOGOV for an applicant tracking system.

Appointment of Jo Petteruti to the Library Board of Trustees.

Federal assistance grant application for $20,000 through the USDA for new work stations and a second fingerprint machine for the Sheriff’s Office.

Designated the courthouse as the location for auctions of real property.

Appointments to the Churchill County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife.

Communications tower management agreement between the county and CC Communications.

Lease agreement renewal with Domestic Violence Intervention for county annex building use.

The next meeting will be July 19 at 1:15 p.m. in the chambers at 155 N. Taylor St.


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