Downtown Reno cannabis dispensary launches responsible consumption campaign

As Nevada has approved select dispensaries to legally sell recreational cannabis to those 21 and over without a medical card, local officials and law enforcement are faced with a new obstacle – educating the public about the rules of approved cannabis consumption. That’s why the owners of MYNT cannabis dispensary and KYND Cannabis Co. have joined forces to launch “MYNDFULNV,” a responsible cannabis consumption campaign. Having a clear understanding on what’s permissible and what is not when it comes to marijuana in northern Nevada is an important first step for medicinal and recreational consumers alike. The Reno Police Department and local organizations are already actively working with MYNT to help inform the community on a broad number of topics, from where to consume to the penalties and violations for those not properly following the current marijuana laws set in place by the state of Nevada. "We are a group of passionate healthcare-focused individuals who care deeply about patients and the local community,” said Clint Cates, co-owner, Mynt Cannabis. “We are focused on providing a superior patient experience, and at the same, we want to be key partners in the importance of education and advocacy for medical marijuana and its benefits.” Educating the public is a priority to many local cannabis-based businesses, and MYNT is leading the charge by spearheading this grassroots movement that can work hand-in-hand with local city officials, law enforcement and neighboring establishments to create a safe and socially aware responsible consumption campaign. By following the letter of the law, we can continue to get the support we need from our community, local and state government. MYNT is urging the public to be MYNDful about the responsible, lawful consumption of cannabis. You can review the Nevada statute here.


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