Get Healthy Carson City: Tips to help job seekers stand out to employers

Human resources. Stressed business people before interview

Human resources. Stressed business people before interview

This column appears in the Nevada Appeal Tuesday health pages. It addresses topics related to the health of our community.

Carson City Health and Human Services is pleased to team up with Western Nevada College to host a job opportunity fair for residents of Carson City and the surrounding area. The job fair will be held at the Carson City Community Center on Friday, March 17. This event will open to the general public from 2 p.m., but individuals who have served in our armed services and those with special needs will be allowed to enter the fair early at 1:30 p.m. The job opportunity fair will last until 4 p.m.

Job seekers are encouraged to prepare ahead of time by preparing a resume. In order to help job seekers prepare for the job fair and polish their skills and résumé, the Workforce Development program at Carson City Health and Human Services will be offering life skills workshops each Wednesday at the Health Department.

Here are some tips to help stand out at the job fair:

Dress for success. It’s often been said “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Whether you’re looking to move up in the corporate world, land your first job, or rejoin the workforce after some time off, it’s important to show hiring managers that you could represent their company well through your dress and demeanor.

Concentrate on applying for jobs you are qualified for. There’s no reason to waste time applying for jobs for which you are unlikely to be hired, when you could instead focus on openings that are well-suited to your skills and experience. What are you good at? Make sure that you convey all the reasons that you are the best fit for the job opening.

Polish your résumé. Spend time customizing your résumé for the job you want. Make sure you include key words that describe your skills that are relevant to the job description to get the attention of the people reviewing your application.

Brag a little bit. Be honest with yourself and those who may hire you about your experience and abilities, but don’t be afraid to tell people what a standout you are at a particular skill. Let them know why you’re the best for the position.

Be familiar with the job. There’s a good chance that, if you get the opportunity to go to an interview, you will be asked about the job you’re applying for or about the company itself. Do your homework and be prepared to answer those questions. Why do you want to work there?

For more information about the job fair or to request help with preparing for employment, call Ana Gregg at 775-887-2110. To learn more about other Health Department programs and services, visit or “like” us on Facebook at


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