Carson City pastor’s book looks at ‘spirit-filled ministry’

Tyson Roser has been all over the world and has seen the realities when it comes to the state of Christian missions in today’s society. And it’s something he wanted to address.

Roser, who oversees international ministries along with pastoring the Spanish community of The Bridge Church in Carson City, did just that in writing a book, “Spiritual Banana Republics And The Return to Spirit-filled Ministry.” The book takes a look at the biblical model of ministry compared to the reality of today.

In the book, published by Christian Faith Publishing, Roser analyzes current trends in Christian ministry as contrasted with the biblical foundations of ministry as found in Scripture. Or as Roser put it, “this is just how it is and how we can do it better” when it comes to Christian missions.

He said the book also covers “how people can be better Christians and how leaders can do a better job,” referring to church leaders.

Roser said the book addresses the reality of those who enter the mission field, particularly those younger than 35, are there “for experiences as opposed to serving.” He also said those who missionaries reach out to can actually become “victims of that pursuit of experiences.”

He said his goal is “the book will be the experience people are looking for so they can actually serve.”

Roser’s book can be purchased at bookstores or online at, Apple iTunes, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.


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