Time to junk the junipers

Residents of Nevada communities are encouraged to make their neighborhoods safer from wildfires by junking junipers.

Residents are urged to remove and chip their ornamental junipers, rabbitbrush, sagebrush and other woody vegetation.

“Though ornamental junipers can often be a good plant choice for Nevada’s climate and soils, they can be highly flammable, and their presence in a landscape can present a hazard,” said Ed Smith, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension natural resources specialist and Living With Fire program co-manager. “A good way to prepare your home for wildfire is to remove junipers that are within 30 feet of your home and bring them to be chipped.”

Junk the Junipers is a Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month event, and promotes the month’s message, “Wildfire: Prepare. Anticipate. Evacuate.” Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month is a collaborative effort of local, state and federal firefighting agencies; University of Nevada Cooperative Extension; and many others. Events and activities are being held across the state.

To learn more about Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month activities, visit www.LivingWithFire.info.


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