Past Pages for Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

150 Years Ago

Runaway: Mr. Rail was out for a ride in company of a young lady. His horse became frightened by an Indian and started to run away. He managed to steer the horse into an awning post. The buggy was slightly wrecked, and the horse prevented from breaking any necks.

140 Years Ago

No go: The electrical machine in front of Charley Friend’s store must be out of order. The clock hangs in front of his store and has said 3:15 for several days. Passersby look up with amusement to see the information seekers expression. We trust the wires will get to work soon, for all the tramps and businessmen and lawyers and strangers depend on that clock.

130 Years Ago

Tahoe’s queer antics: The people of Glenbrook became aware of the fact that the lake was rising. The surface was calm and the water rose so fast that it crept on the sand of the shore noticeably. It rose four inches in an hour, and it was thought it may inundate the town, but then the water receded again. This occurred from nine in the morning until three.

110 Years Ago

False kind: The women of Reno wear false hair to a wonderful extent. The hairdressers of that town mailed an order for a quarter-of-a-ton to an eastern firm. (Reno Journal)

100 Years Ago

Still passable: Parties passing through Carson en route to the coast, via Placerville, phoned the Red Arrow garage and said the worse part of the trip was the first four or five miles out of Carson on the King’s Canyon Road. It was sandy, with innumerable chuck-holes and several washouts.

70 Years Ago

American Legion on Pearl Harbor: The 6th anniversary will be held Sunday, Dec. 7, as a “Good Neighbor Day.” The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor united all Americans as never before. “That unity was essential to winning the war,” according to James F. O’Neil, National Commander.

20 Years Ago

Nevada Day move: Moving the date of the annual parade to Saturday could reduce the number of bands in festivities. Joe Foster, who organizes the bands, said he agrees a permanent three-day weekend will increase participation but with band festivals around the West, it will decrease band numbers because of other Saturday activities.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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