Stacey Giomi to run for Carson City Board of Supervisors Ward 1 seat

Stacey Giomi

Stacey Giomi

Former Carson City Fire Chief Stacey Giomi announced he is running for the city’s Ward 1 supervisor seat in 2018 on Friday.

“I’ve always been really active in the community and I miss that daily connect,” said Giomi. “I am not a sit on the sidelines kind of guy.”

Giomi said Carson City is facing a number of issues.

“We have to deal with roads,” said Giomi. “The marijuana issue has already been dealt with, but it will need to be monitored. There are concerns about it in the community.”

Giomi said residential motels, another issue the Board of Supervisors has recently taken on, continues to need attention as does the improvements in our corridors.

“I feel we are on the edge of a crossroads. There’s an economic boom in the area. We have multiple housing subdivisions starting at the same time,” he said.

In a statement released Friday, Giomi said, “I’ve had the opportunity to watch our community ‘grow-up’ and I’m committed to making sure our actions reflect our community’s values, make fiscal sense and considers any impact to our residents.”

Giomi said he plans to spend the next year listening to and understanding the concerns of the city’s residents.

“The biggest thing a board member needs to do is their homework,” he said. “And then make decisions.”

Giomi is active in the community now. He serves on two city commissions, the 911 Surcharge Advisory Committee and the Debt Management Commission.

He is the past president on the board of directors for the Nevada Fire Chiefs Association and current president of the board of directors for Advocates to End Domestic Violence.

He also serves as a Governor’s appointment on the Funding Committee of the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security and as the committee chairman, the State Emergency Response Commission, and Emergency Management Coordinating Council.

Giomi started as a volunteer firefighter with Warren Engine Company Number one, part of the Carson City Volunteer Fire Department, in July 1980. He worked as fire dispatcher starting in 1983 and held every rank in the department until he became fire chief in 2005. He retired from the department in 2015.

He left the department to join Nevada Health Centers, where is director of facilities and emergency preparedness and regional director of operations for rural programs.

Giomi graduated from Carson High School and later Western Nevada College, before completing dual bachelor’s degrees from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Giomi’s announcement comes a week after Karen Abowd, the two-term Ward 1 supervisor, announced she was not going to seek reelection.

“Karen has a done a lot for this community,” said Giomi. “I would be honored to fill her seat if that’s what the voters so choose.”


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