Wave battles Lowry

Aspen Mori evades one of Lowry's players at the CCHS soccer field.

Aspen Mori evades one of Lowry's players at the CCHS soccer field.

Despite a 2-0 loss to Lowry, the Lady Wave soccer team had one of its best matches of the season Wednesday.

The Wave had a rough start to the first half with the Lady Buckaroos scoring a goal within the first 10 minutes of play. Their defense picked up from there, though, and they held the opposition back; with 16 minutes left in the first half, though, Lowry broke through for another goal. In the second half, Fallon’s defense was on fire, keeping Lowry off the goal with goalkeeper Samantha Hines stopping any shots that made it through; the clock wound down as both teams tried to break through, though no shots made it in.

Fallon coach Randy Hines said it was a hard match since he only had one sub for the whole team; he noted his players were tiring out in the second half after 80 minutes of play. He said he felt they could have stopped the goals that went through, but fatigue made things harder on everyone.

“I think this is probably the best intense game we’ve had this season,” Hines said. “We’ve really tried to do that the last couple weeks … I’m pleased with how they played today.”

There are only six matches left in the season. Hines said they will be busy for the next two weeks, but added they are making progress. The coach said things would improve once some of the players out from injury and illness come back.

“The kids who play all game will have to rest,” Hines said of having more players. “When you have one sub it’s hard to rest people.”

The coach commended Jordan Dahl and Alexis Jarrett, saying they “worked their tail off” during the match; he said their midfield players were very strong and gave the team good transitions, which led into chances on the goal. He also praised Samantha Hines for her efforts in keeping Lowry’s goals down — he said he felt the score could have been 1-0 or 0-0, but things still went well.

Tonight the Lady Wave plays in Truckee. Hines noted they’re the No. 1 team in the north and Fallon will have to play very well to bring about a win.

“I think if we play like we did today, I think we can compete, we can play with the other team,” he said.


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