Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017

Inappropriate for players to protest on field

Hooray for Vice President Pence for walking out of a NFL football game. At least he has respect for the American flag, the national anthem and the USA. Walking out due to so-called professional football players kneeling in total disrespect to their flag, anthem and country. The ultra-left media right away called his walking out a stunt. I guess, though, that it is not a stunt when these kneeling people who are paid to play a game, not protest in total disrespect to their flag, country and anthem. These “players” should leave protesting to their after-game hours political activities.

I guess respect was not taught by their parents, or as part of the curriculum at the colleges where they received full scholarships allowing them to attend just because they knew how to run, pass, kick, or catch a football.

I also presume that they were not taught to research the problem they are protesting. Do they really know that their protest is based on the fallacy of, “Hands up don’t shoot,” the false information that ruined a Caucasian law enforcement officer’s life in Ferguson, Mo., after he had to kill a violent felon of color who was attacking him and trying to take the officer’s firearm to avoid arrest for a recent robbery he committed. This legal self defense event led to the lie that these protesters are rallying for.

I guess a free college education didn’t teach them much.

George Gerlach



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