UberEATS launches in Reno

Beginning today, Reno-area residents and visitors can order much of their favorite food from local restaurants and have it delivered by UberEATS seven days a week. UberEATS is offering delivery of full menus from nearly 50 favorite Reno-area restaurants.

"We're partnering with some great local restaurants so that Reno customers can get the food they love quickly and conveniently, no matter what they like best," said Clay Carroll, UberEATS general manager in Nevada. "UberEATS is for anyone who needs an easy and reliable way to get their favorite food–no matter what they’re doing, where they are, or what time it is."

The UberEATS app is free to download and has been built specifically to make getting great food as easy as getting a ride. Starting today, Reno residents can open the UberEATS app or head to UberEATS.com, and order from notable participating restaurants, including Blind Onion Pizza, Noble Pie, Spicy Pickle and Rawbry among others. Food prices are set by the restaurants themselves and Uber will add a booking fee of $5.99. Just like with Uber's rides business, customers will always see prices upfront so they know what they'll be paying before they order.

Here’s how UberEATS works:

  1. Download the free UberEATS app for iOS or Android

  2. Log in with your Uber account

  3. Find a restaurant and pick what you want from their menu

  4. Pay with your card on file

  5. Watch as the order is picked up and delivered to you

UberEATS is now offered in more than 100 cities in 28 countries across the globe, and the number of customers using the platform is growing rapidly. Many restaurant partners have indicated the service has led to a uptick in their level of business, as it gives them access to new customers. A video released by UberEATS last year includes testimony from restaurant owners in Los Angeles and Chicago about the positive effects of using the UberEATS platform.

UberEATS offers food delivery though an app separate from Uber's rideshare service because requesting a ride and ordering a meal are two different experiences. The same technology company that brought people rides at the touch of a button is now doing the same for food.

"We’re thrilled to be bringing a convenient and reliable way for people to get the food they love,” said Carroll. “Additionally, we’re opening up new economic opportunities for delivery partners and enabling restaurants and chefs to connect with more customers."

Those interested in delivering meals via UberEATS can visit the delivery partner page at www.uber.com/deliver. Reno restaurants can sign-up at eats.uber.com/restaurant.


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