View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Local Happenings: About half a dozen cars went to Lahontan on a fishing trip Thursday. Charley Everett reports that the crowd in the three cars with him caught 214 perch, 19 trout, and 60 carp. A copious rain set in Tuesday evening and continued most of the night, .71 of an inch falling, which soaked the ground thoroughly. This was a boon to the ranches and ranges.

–Churchill County Eagle, April 13, 1918

75 Years Ago

Raising of Rabbits for Meat is Urged: The raising of rabbits to supplement the wartime meat supply of many Nevada families was suggested this week by the University of Nevada agricultural extension services. Rabbits are a good wartime source of meat because the animals produce rapidly, because they can be raised in small numbers, and because they can easily be taken care of by the average family. It takes approximately eight to ten weeks from birth to produce a 3 1/2-to-4-pound rabbit. These frying-size rabbits will dress out about 55 percent table meat, so that one doe should be able to produce, under good management, young that would yield about 40 to 50 pounds of table-dressed rabbit meat in one year.

–The Fallon Eagle, April 24, 1943

50 Years Ago

Mix-up with Dog Causes Accident: Airman 1/c Quentin E. Magness Jr. was driving east on US Highway 50-95 when he spotted a dog on the shoulder of the road. He began to slow down and when he got to within 100 feet of the dog, Fido started across the highway. Magness quickly turned the steering wheel right, left, and then right only to throw his 1962 Corvair into a spin across the westbound lane and onto the north shoulder of the highway. When he stopped spinning, Magness found he was on the other side of the road facing the opposite direction. The right rear wheel drum and hub were broken and the car had to be towed away. Undersheriff Fred Andrews investigating the accident observed the dog in question on the roadway. No citations were issued.

–Fallon Eagle-Standard, April 19, 1968

A View from the Past ... Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum Assistant.


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