The Popcorn Stand: Worst actor ratings seem Cagey

It’s been a while since I’ve written about one of my favorite subjects in Nicolas Cage, the quirky actor who’s among the people who fascinate me for no particular reason.

Today I come to Cage’s defense. Well, not really. A website called has come out with its rankings for its 25 worst actors and, of course, Cage makes the list.

Not even winning an Academy Award could exclude Cage from this list and he ranks pretty high at No. 7. But I take exception to some of the actors he’s supposedly worse than.

For example, Keanu Reeves comes in only at No. 22. I admit I feel guilty for criticizing Reeves because he’s accomplished in martial arts and I admire that. But he’s an awful actor, far worse than Cage. Reeves should easily be in the top five.

He’s so bad I can’t tell which movie he’s in. I thought I was watching “The Matrix” the other day and it turns out it was one of those John Wick movies.

And then Hulk Hogan checked in at No. 13. I’ve never, ever seen Hogan act in anything, but I’m absolutely certain he’s a worse actor than Cage.

And Steven Seagal came in at No. 10. I have seen a little bit of Seagal’s work and I can tell you he’s no Nicolas Cage.

Rated as worse than Cage were No. 6 Rob Schneider, No. 5 Pauley Shore and No. 4 Chuck Norris. I agree Schneider and Shore are worse than Cage, but I mean come on, don’t pick on the star of one of my guilty pleasures, “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

I never heard of the No. 1 guy, Tommy Wiseau, but apparently he singled-handedly made one of the worst movies of all-time, “The Room,” which I never heard of.

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— Charles Whisnand


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