Alice Heiman book review: ‘The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness’ a game-changer

RENO, Nev. — When I started reading the book, “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness: Ten Essential Strategies for Leading Your Team to the Top,” the first thing I thought was, “Shoot, why didn’t I write this book?”

You’re probably wondering why a sales expert is reading a book on sales management. Well, I try to read a book every month, and at least every other month I like to read what another sales expert has written. I also know the author, Kevin Davis, who happens to live in Reno.

“The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness” is one of the best guides to sales management I have ever read and I want to share it with all the business owners who need to thoroughly understand how to manage their salespeople or their sales managers.

Most business owners lead their sales team at some point in time. Reading this book will help them become a great sales manager. The better they are at sales management, the better able they will be to hire and manage a highly effective sales manager.

“The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness,” can help business owners, entrepreneurs and sales leaders learn the skills and mindset it takes to be a great sales manager. It’s easy to read, and it offers exact instructions on what to do and how to do it.

In his book, Davis offers strategies, skills, and tools for overcoming the most challenging obstacles of managing sales, including how to:

• Identify and correct the behaviors that can cripple management effectiveness

• Eliminate distractions and find more time to coach, lead, and inspire salespeople

• Motivate salespeople to be more accountable and driven

• Hire great salespeople

• Create a customer-driven sales team

• Achieve better coaching outcomes

• Solve a sales performance problem caused by a rep’s lousy attitude

• Attain higher win-rates and revenue by intervening as a coach

• Create more accurate sales forecasts

In short, Davis gives readers all the skills and knowledge he teaches in his sales training programs.

Excellent sales management is critical to the success of any business. When business owners put a great process in place to manage and coach salespeople, they will always know how sales opportunities are progressing and what deals are going to close. They will always know if they have enough sales opportunities to hit their goals and will be able to adjust very quickly if there is a shortfall.

If you are a business owner who manages sales, you absolutely must read this book. If you are a business owner who cannot figure out what’s going on in sales and you’re not sure if your sales managers are great, then you must read this book.

Most of the business owners I know would like to accelerate their sales growth. Reading books such as “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness” and talking with a sales expert such as myself can help them do just that.

Based in Reno, Alice Heiman is an internationally renowned sales expert who transforms business owners into sales leaders. Her clients rapidly and profitably increase sales by about 30 percent after working with her. You can find her at


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