Western Nevada College helps Cub Scouts prep pinewood derby cars

Parents help children shape the shell of their Pinewood Derby racing cars in the Construction Lab at Western Nevada College.

Parents help children shape the shell of their Pinewood Derby racing cars in the Construction Lab at Western Nevada College.

One of the many highlights of being a Cub Scout is participating in the pinewood derby, a racing event where parents help their children build a car from a block of wood with a kit that also contains plastic wheels and metal axles.

Not all children have the same access to carpenter tools to construct their cars, so Western Nevada College opened the doors to its construction lab and tools to help a local Cub Scout troop recently.

“I understand the importance of having a designated time and place for the boys and their parents to work on their cars, so, of course, I volunteered the construction lab and tools to help them out,” said WNC construction instructor Nigel Harrison, who has two boys in a different Cub Scout troop and whose wife serves as a cub master.

“I truly enjoy this event with my boys; win or lose, they learn a lot about the importance of planning, patience and sportsmanship.”

Harrison, who serves on the committee for Cub Scouts Troop 44, opened the lab on two evenings to accommodate a different Cub Scout troop.

“We mainly facilitated the rough cuts, then the boys took care of the details at home with their parents,” Harrison said. “I appreciate this event where I can work with another troop.”

For information about WNC’s construction program, contact Harrison at 775-445-4412.

WNC Class Aids Substitute Teachers in Classroom

Substitute teachers are in demand in Nevada, including the Carson City School District.

For those already serving as a substitute teacher and for those wishing to become one, Western Nevada College is offering a class to help them in the classroom.

Management Methods for Substitutes (EPD 276) is offered Saturdays, Feb. 10 and 24, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the Carson City campus. This course is designed to assist substitute teachers with developing successful classroom management strategies in order to create a better environment for themselves and students. Specifically, students will explore and discover new strategies, receive a handbook with practical activities and create “make-and-take” activities.

To substitute teach in Nevada, individuals need to be a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. with a valid permanent resident card.

“We need substitutes every year; it’s not just our school district, it’s nationwide,” said Jose Delfin, Carson City School District associate superintendent: human resources. “We use them every day.”

For information about WNC’s upcoming class, phone 775-445-4272 or email instructor Michelle Rousselle at michelle.rousselle@wnc.edu. Register at https://www.wnc.edu/class-schedule/.

Attending WNC in Fall 2018? Apply for WNC Foundation Scholarships

If you’re planning to attend Western Nevada College for the 2018 fall semester, there still is time to apply for scholarships through the WNC Foundation.

Annually, WNC awards scholarships to students on the basis of academic criteria or any combination of academics, field of study, financial need, activities, community service, etc.

More than 250 scholarships and $260,000 in funding are available. The WNC Foundation 2018-19 scholarship application is online at www.wnc.edu/scholarships/.

Nevada Promise Scholarship Applicants Must Meet Community Service Obligations

Nevada Promise is a scholarship and mentoring program that makes college more accessible to students in the state. Many high school seniors have applied for the scholarship and it’s important they continue to take the necessary steps to earn the scholarship.

Through funding from the Nevada State Legislature, the state will pay for students’ fees and tuition from attending classes at Nevada community colleges that are not otherwise funded by federal aid, the Millennium Scholarship or the Silver State Opportunity Grant.

Applicants, however, must meet several obligations to maintain scholarship eligibility.

Paramount among these obligations is completing 20 hours of community service no later than April 30. Students can give their time at non-profit or public service organizations.

For a list of community service opportunities, go to www.wnc.edu/promise/community-service/.

Students Preparing for College Have Variety of Reasons to Consider WNC

As high school juniors prepare for their standardized ACT testing for college admission, now is an ideal time to consider some of the values of attending WNC.

Because of its smaller class sizes, affordability and variety of degree, certificate and career-building programs, WNC helps ensure students have a positive and successful college experience.

To learn more about what WNC has to offer, go to www.wnc.edu/explore-wnc/.


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