Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

Open letter to Carson City residents and politicians

Please help us save our neighborhood.

We were just informed by Wednesday’s newspaper that Empire Ranch Golf Course has been sold and escrow closes March 5, barely a week away.

According to the news article, it is the new owners’ intention to turn it into a professional soccer field with extra fields for club and youth soccer leagues. The adjoining neighborhood was not informed until now and we have had no chance to protest its impact. Who would want to move here with such a detrimental future? Most likely property values will fall.

I would like to suggest an option rather than explain what will happen to this neighborhood.

Could the city possibly work out a deal with the new owners to swap properties? The city could take over the Empire Ranch Golf Course and give the new owners the Eagle Valley Golf Course in Centennial Park.

This would move the soccer complex out of a residential area.

The complex would have a major thoroughfare, Highway 50, directly to the site with open range to expand roads and parking lots.

The city will not have to invest the millions of dollars to repair/replace the pumps for the current city golf course. I believe that has to happen within the next two years.

The city would retain a good source, Empire Ranch, to manage the effluent water at Empire.

We would save all the trees, wetlands, migratory pathways, many birds, geese, egrets, hawks, falcons, turtles, rabbits, fishes, etc., a beautiful nature trail around the golf course.

Please help us save our neighborhood. Please ...

Aline Conant

Carson City

Fairview Drive in desperate need of left turn lane

It’s good to hear Carson City is maintaining its roads. I think safety for the automotive public is first and foremost when planning these projects. However, the planned construction and maintenance on Fairview Drive completely ignores the hazardous condition between Roop Street and Saliman Road. There are 21 driveways and three streets that connect to Fairview on this section of the road.

Because of the absence of a left turn lane on this section of the road, turning left from Fairview or turning left onto Fairview can be life threatening.

Re-striping a left turn lane from Roop to Saliman would alleviate this hazard and reduce congestion as well. I recommend our fine local NDOT office to look into the feasibility of adding this to the project.

Scott Derrick

Carson City

Time for community to band together

It’s time we take things back — take back our neighborhood, schools, our precious children — by force if need be. How? Start in our own homes — every man, woman, and child has a right to know they are loved, wanted and safe in their homes, and learn life is precious and has value.

We are all called to protect — and fight like hell — to help anyone who needs us.

Come on, Carson, we can do this together. Look around — some kid needs you.

Rosie Laird

Carson City

Columnist lacks originality

Regarding Mr. LaSor’s commentary on election meddling, he is disingenuous at best in his attempt to damn Democrats. Let us examine his rant starting with “IRS delaying, and sometimes denying, tax-exempt status” of conservative groups. He leaves out the volume of requests from the right dwarfed those from the left. The fact is that not one of those groups was denied tax-exempt status.

He has a point on Fast and Furious, but leaves out that Fast and Furious was a program carried over, without change that I know of, from the Bush administration.

He claims Mr. Comey “abused” the FISA process; turns out the Trump staffer was targeted for three years before Mr. Trump’s campaign. He intimates that “former” directors of the CIA and National Intelligence have somehow “criminally” appeared on opinion shows. As long as classified information is not discussed, what was violated by people out of office, Mr. LaSor?

He cast aspersions on the 17 intelligence agencies agreeing about Russian interference, but doesn’t (can’t) name any that disagree.

He claims it is odd that before he left office Obama put out instructions on the investigation to be “by the book.” I find it odd that he thinks it nefarious that a president wants to be sure subordinates “do the right thing.”

Mr. LaSor, you either do not do any research or you cherry-pick your so-called “facts.” Sir, if I want to listen to Fox News, I will put it on the Fox News channel. I do not need to pay for the Nevada Appeal to read your parroting what you heard on Fox. Mr. LaSor, have you ever had an original thought?

Warren Sprinkle

Carson City

Appeal carrier goes above and beyond to deliver paper

These days, some people have been complaining about their mail service and Appeal subscription delivery service.

When I returned home recently after traveling to Wadsworth and Nixon, I found my delivery person and her daughter walking their delivery route to re-deliver papers that had blown into neighbors’ yards.

I don’t know her name, but I was very impressed by this service and though you should know about it.

Richard Snyder

Carson City


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